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Boeing is widely regarded as the largest aerospace and defense company in the world. Boeing is primarily into manufacturing of commercial jetliners along with space, defense and security systems. Being among one of the top exporters from the U.S., Boeing supports the domestic airlines and other government customers from 150 countries having government ties with the U.S.

Specialized Boeing products include commercial airplanes, military aircraft, satellites, weapons, launch systems, electronic and defense systems, advanced information and communication systems along with performance based logistics and training.

Boeing is involved in the design, manufacturing, and sale of planes, rockets, rotorcraft, satellites, missiles, and comms gear. This company is currently divided into five different divisions and is consistently ranked on Forbes’ lists as being profitable.


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Aircraft by Boeing

Prices of Boeing Airplanes in 2019

Prices of Boeing aircraft in 2019
Prices of Boeing aircraft in 2019


Founded in 1916 in Seattle Washington, Boeing was started by William E. Boeing. He was an American timber salesman who founded Aero Products Company. In 1917, this company was renamed Boeing Airplane Company. William Boeing then formed Boeing Airplane & Transport Corporation in 1928, which was then renamed in 1929 as the United Aircraft and Transport Corporation.

This company was renamed after acquiring a few aircraft makers and in 1931 merged four of its smaller airlines into United Airlines. The creation of aircraft was separated from air transportation in 1934, giving rise to Boeing Airline Corporation.

boeing history
Boeing B-29

Modern Era

The company is currently the largest aerospace company in the world. It is the biggest manufacturing exporter in America and supports airlines in more than 150 different countries.

Boeing is organized into three different units: Boeing Global Services, Defense, Space & Security, and Commercial Airplanes. The supporting unit for these three units is Boeing Capital Corporation, which provides financing solutions.

The commercial airplanes are some of the most popular in the world. Boeing has been known for making premier commercial jetliners for years. They have more than 10,000 Boeing commercial jetliners in service around the world, which makes up almost half of the entire world’s fleet.

Notable Events

2018 was full of crises for Boeing and their future in 2019 has been rocky, as well. They are currently trying to regain trust after the deaths of more than 300 passengers in two 737 MAX crashes.


Even though Boeing is committed to being as safe as possible and producing aircrafts that are high quality and held to high standards, they have had a number of recent crashes and accidents. The 737 family of airliners are known for experiencing problems.

Even though this is the best-selling commercial jet ever, there are some problems that have occurred, as recently as in 2019.

On May 3, 2019, a 737 Next Generation skidded off of a runway into a river while trying to land during a storm. There were injuries, but no fatalities.

March 10, 2019 a 737 MAX flight crashed just six minutes after taking off. The plan was only four months old at the time, but all 157 people who were aboard were killed. Many aviation authorities around the world grounded the 737 MAX in response.

Boeing FAQ

Where Is Boeing Based?

Currently, Boeing is based in Chicago, Illinois; however, they have more than 153,000 employees across more than 65 countries worldwide. The end result is a highly talented and diverse workforce.

Where Are Boeing Planes Made?

While some of the pieces for Boeing planes are delivered from farther away, the actual assembly of the airplanes occurs in Everett, Washington, at the Boeing Everett Factory. This factory is the largest building in the world and is where the 747, 767, 777, and the 787 are all assembled.

Plans for this factory were first announced in 1966. The company began offering tours of the factory in 1968 when they first introduced the 747. On the sight of the factory there are several cafes, as well as a credit union branch for employees.

The Everett Factory employs more than 30,000 people. It is large enough to demand its own fitness center, coffee shop, daycare, security team, and even a fire department.

Boeing also has other manufacturing facilities, even though the Everett Factory is the largest. Their other facilities include Boeing Field, Boeing Plant 1, Boeing Plant 2, Boeing Renton Factory, Boeing South Carolina, Michoud Assembly Facility, and the United States Air Force Plant 42.

What Else Does Boeing Manufacture?

In addition to making airplanes, Boeing also manufactures missiles, comms gear, rotorcraft, satellites, and rockets. They provide support and leasing services throughout the world.

They are one of the largest of all global aerospace manufacturers.

How Many Employees Does Boeing Have?

As of January, 2018, Boeing employed 153,027 employees. They have the most employees in their Boeing Commercial Airplanes division, with a total of 63,715 employees. The Boeing Defense, Space & Security division has 36,742 employees, there are 29,520 corporate employees, and 23,050 people employed in global services.

Who Owns Boeing?

There are four people who have the most control over Boeing as they have the largest shares in the company. W. James McNerney, Jr. was the president, chairman, and CEO of Boeing until he retired in 2016. He currently owns 437,689 shares of this company.

Another major shareholder is Kevin G. McAllister. He has been the CEO and president of Boeing Commercial Airplanes and executive VP of The Boeing Company since late 2016. He currently holds 141,222 shares of Boeing.

The other two main shareholders are Gregory D. Smith and Dennis A. Muilenburg, who own 139,501 and 130,001 shares, respectively.

Who Is the CEO of Boeing?

Dennis A. Muilenburg is the current CEO, president, and chairman of the board of The Boeing Company. He became the president in December 2013, the chief executive officer in July 2015, and the chairman in March 2016.

He originally started working for Boeing in 1985 where he worked in both engineering and program management for defense and commercial airplanes.

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