The A319neo is the shortened-fuselage variant of the A320neo family that can accommodate 120-150 passengers in two classes or 160 passengers in a high-density configuration. With its in-service advantages, this variant is equipped to deliver 15% fuel savings.

2012 to: Present
US$101.5 million (2018)
2x CFM International LEAP-1A or Pratt & Whitney PW1100G[155]
24,100 pound-force
Max Cruise Speed:
450 knots
833 Km/h
Approach Speed (Vref):
126 knots
Travel range:
3,700 Nautical Miles
6,852 Kilometers
Fuel Economy:
Service Ceiling:
39,800 feet
Rate of Climb:
3500 feet / minute
17.78metre / second
Take Off Distance:
2164 metre - 7,099.65 feet
Landing Distance:
677 metre - 2,221.10 feet
Max Take Off Weight:
75,478 Kg
166,399 lbs
Max Landing Weight:
63,900 Kg
140,874 lbs
Max Payload:
17,690 Kg
39,000 lbs
Fuel Tank Capacity:
7,060 gallon
26,725 litre
Baggage Volume:
Seats - Economy / General:
160 seats
Seats - Business Class:
Seats - First Class:
Cabin Height:
11.76 metre - 38.58 feet
Cabin Width:
3.70 metre - 12.14 feet
Cabin Length:
23.78 metre - 78.02 feet
Exterior Length:
33.84 metre - 111.02 feet
Tail height:
12.11 metre - 39.73 feet
Fuselage Diameter:
3.95 metre - 12.96 feet
Wing Span / Rotor Diameter:
35.8 metre - 117.45 feet
Wing Tips:

A319neo Production

The Airbus company designed a re-engined jet-airliner known as the A320neo (New Engine Option) family, developed from the A320 with more effective turbofan engines and enhancements including sharklets.

The A320neo family has three variants- the A321neo, the A320neo and the A319neo.

On March 31 2017, the smallest member of the A320neo family- the A319neo, took its maiden flight.

On December 21 2018, the aircraft received its Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certificate after flying 500 hours.

In 2019, the A319neo entered into service.

On April 25 2019, the maiden flight of the Pratt and Whitney PWG1100G-powered Airbus A319neo took off from and landed in Toulouse, France, following the EASA type certificate in November 2019.

A319neo Orders and Deliveries

In the middle of 2019, there were fifty-three orders of A319neo, seventeen of those are with LEAP engines.

A few of the aircraft were ordered with LEAP engines. Avianca S.A, the flag carrier of Colombia ordered 12 aircraft. Four aircraft for an unknown Chinese operator, and a single ACJ319neo (Corporate Jet).

The thirty-six orders are composed of eight aircraft for Avianca S.A, twenty-six for unknown operators, and two orders of ACJ319neo.

The A319neo hasn’t been sold well. In January 2019, the order backlog of the aircraft was just a fraction of its competitor, the Airbus A220. Airbus made a confirmation that even though it anticipates a small number of orders due to the competition with the A220-300, the company has no plans to terminate the production of A319neo.

A319neo Design

The A319neo has a shortened-fuselage. With an exterior length of 33.84, height of 12.11 meters and fuselage diameter of 3.95 meters, the A319neo is considered the shortest among the three variants of A320neo family.

The A319neo has merged two engines, the Pratt and Whitney PurePower PW1100G-JM and the CFM International LEAP-1A. The wing of the aircraft has a span of 35.8 meters, equipped with fuel-efficient Sharklet wingtip devices to provide fuel savings of 15%. It has a wheelbase of 11.04 meters.

The extended seating space, enhanced use of cabin area, and added exit limits let the A319neo accommodate up to 160 passengers in a high-density configuration without compromising the passenger’s convenience. It has a cabin length of 23.78 meters, height of 11.76 meters and width of 3.70 meters.

A319neo Engine and Performance

With the combination of two engines, the PurePower PW1100G-JM by Pratt and Whitney and the LEAP-1A by CFM International, the aircraft provides the utmost benefit with the slightest change. The A319neo has a maximum power of 24,100 pounds.

It can fly up to 39,800 feet and has a range of 3,700 nautical miles. It has a maximum cruise speed of 450 meters and a climb rate of 3,500 feet per minute. The take-off distance is 2,164 meters while 677 meters is for the landing.

The A319neo has a maximum payload of around 17,500 kg and a fuel tank capacity of 7060 US Gal. Its maximum take-off and landing weights are 75,478 kg and 63,900 kg respectively.

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