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Company Profile

Bombardier Aircraft currently employs more than 68,000 employees and is known to be a leader in transportation. They produce not only high-quality planes, but also trains, and they are known for their commitment to quality and comfort.

Their headquarters is located in Montreal, Canada, and Bombardier has sites in 28 countries around the world. They have shares that are publicly traded and posted revenues of over 16 billion US at the end of 2018.

Bombardier Aviation works to design, manufacture, and support aviation products. This group employs around 27,000 employees and works in business and regional aircraft as well as training and service solutions.

Bombardier is one of the best private jet manufacturers.

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History of The Bombardier Company

Joseph-Armand Bombardier produced the first snowmobile in 1935, but it wasn’t until 1986 that the Bombardier company began acquiring aerospace companies and working in this sector. In 1986 the company acquired Canadair and was able to make it a profitable company once more. They then continued to acquire companies that were near bankruptcy or were having difficulties.

Thanks to their studious acquisition of various aircraft manufacturing companies, Bombardier Inc. quickly grew to having a huge aerospace company. They focused on creating fuel-efficient aircrafts and simplifying the manufacturing of various aircraft components.

In 2016, Bombardier canceled deals with Tag Aeronautics, their third-party sales agent.

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by Albert Bridge

Modern Era

There are currently more than 3,000 Bombardier aircraft sold, with around four million passengers a week. Thanks to their commitment to excellence and quality, Bombardier has been in business for more than a century and flies people to more than 130 countries.

In late 2018, Longview Aviation Capital Corp. took over the Dash 8 program as well as the de Havilland brand. Additionally, Bombardier sold their business jet training program. This resulted in thousands of job cuts. However, Bombardier is expected to increase their business jet shipments.

They currently have two commercial jets in production and in use as well as one turboprop and five business jets spread out over 3 different families. The Learjet Family, Bombardier Challenger Family, and Bombardier Global Express Family all produce business jets.

The business aircraft produced by Bombardier are all meticulously designed and benefit from a worldwide network of service centers, training facilities, and overhaul facilities. There is a dedicated customer response center that is designed to ensure immediate support for any problems.

Bombardier also specializes in the design and production of unique aircraft designed to meet certain speed, payload, range, and reliability needs. Some of the examples of these aircraft include maritime patrol planes, medevac planes, transport planes, and even surveillance planes used by the military.

Bombardier also consists of a global transportation production group. This group features 63 sites for engineering and production which are spread out over 27 different countries. Thanks to their focus on sub-systems and trains, they are able to employ more than 40,600 employees all around the world and produce solutions for urban and mainline needs as well as signaling, equipment, and infrastructure.

Notable Events

Bombardier has been involved in a few government subsidy controversies. One controversy focused on Canada illegally subsidizing their indigenous regional airliner industry. The claim was that the government unfairly subsidized C-Series aircrafts.

Another controversy focused on the sale of C-Series aircrafts to Delta Air Lines. This controversy began in 2016. The issue with this controversy has to do with the sale of the Bombardier C Series aircraft to Delta. The development of this aircraft has long been the victim of slow sales, overrun costs, and delays in development and production. source


Even though Bombardier Aircraft is known for producing high-quality airplanes, they have had some crashes in the past. Most recently on May 5, 2019, a Challenger 601, which is a business jet, left from Las Vegas and crashed near Monclova in northern Mexico. There were no survivors from the ten passengers and the three crew members.

Back-to-back crashes in Iran and Nepal in 2018 threw Bombardier into the spotlight. These two crashes together resulted in the deaths of 82 people. The aircraft involved in the Iran crash was a Challenger business jet, while the aircraft that crashed in Nepal was a Q400 turboprop. While these crashes were horrific, Bombardier generally has a good reputation for producing high-quality aircraft.

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