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A Brazilian aerospace conglomerate that is known for quality, Embraer produces multiple types of aircrafts. They also offer aeronautical services and are the third largest producer of all civil aircraft in the world, only behind Boeing and Airbus in terms of production.

While they have been in business for a while, 2019 is bringing changes to Embraer, as Boeing is going to take an 80% stake in the company’s commercial aircraft division. This division will then be named Boeing Brasil-Commercial, with Embraer having a 20% stake in this new entity.

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Aircraft by Embraer

History of Embraer

Embraer was founded on August 19, 1969. This company was created as a government-owned corporation. It was formed as part of an effort to develop a strong and viable domestic aircraft industry. The government made multiple investments in this industry throughout the 1940s and 1950s, but it wasn’t until the creation of Embraer that they were really successful.

Modern Era

This company has three divisions: the Embraer Defense & Security, Embraer Commercial Aviation, and Embraer Executive Jets. They serve worldwide and have multiple business, commercial, and military jets still functioning.

By December of 2018, Embraer claimed to be in the lead of the sub 150-seat jetliner market. They have 100 operators in the E-Jet and EJR families.

Notable Events

There was a major controversy between Canada and Brazil in the later 1900s and early 2000s. This occurred due to a trade dispute regarding government subsidies. Both Brazil and Canada were found to have ran illegal subsidy programs that benefited their own industries.

In July of 2018, Embraer announced that they would enter into a joint venture with Boeing. This was seen to have occurred as a reaction to Airbus being able to acquire a majority of their competitor, Bombardier CSeries. However, Embraer will still retain their defense business and their executive business jet sections.

In April, 2019, Embraer’s Praetor 600 Business Jet was announced to have surpassed expected qualifications on its certificate. This makes this jet the best performing super-midsize jet in the world, a wonderful feat.

Crashes involving Embraer Aircraft

Embraer is known for producing high-quality aircraft, but some crashes have still occurred. Most recently, in May 2019, a scheduled flight from Yangon to Mandalay experienced an emergency landing, resulting in damage to the aircraft’s fuselage. None of the 82 passengers or 7 crew members were injured.

In October 2017, a domestic air ambulance flight crashed due to an engine malfunction and an onboard fire. The Embraer aircraft crashes, killing four passengers and three crew members.

In December 2014 a Embraer Phenom 100 crashed into a suburban home in Gaithersburg, Maryland while approaching Montgomery County Airport. In total six people were killed. Three on the plane, and three on the ground.

Embraer FAQ

What Does Embraer Mean?

This name is very popular in Brazil and has a special meaning for the residents there. It is the shortened form of Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica or Brazilian Aeronautics Company.

Where Is Embraer Based?

The headquarters is in São José dos Campos. They currently have offices in Sao Paulo, Beijing, Singapore, Dubai, Farnborough, and Melbourne.

Where Are Embraer Planes Made?

Embraer has been manufacturing the Phenom jets in Melbourne, Florida since 2011. In addition to the Phenom jets, Embraer is now also manufacturing the Legacy Business Jets from another plant in Melbourne. They have also invested in an Engineering and Technology center in the area.

They own a plant in Évora, Portugal that was made possible thanks to EU funding. These facilities are used to create some of the larger or more complex components and structures needed for the aircraft. This plant is part of Embraer, but run under Embraer Portugal Estruturas Metálicas.

embraer legacy 450 melbourne florida
An Embraer Legacy 450 at the Melbourne, Florida manufacturing plant.

What Else Does Embraer Manufacture?

While Embraer has been known for producing commercial planes, and military aircraft, they expanded their production to also make regional airliners as well as business jets. Currently, they manufacture aircrafts that are designed for both commerce and defense.

The creation of a turboprop regional airliner has been in the works for a while, but has not been started. They do create executive business jets and as of 2016 had produced 1,000 executive jets. This gave them 17% market share by volume, even though they do not yet produce an ultra-long-range large cabin aircraft.

How Many Employees Does Embraer Have?

As of September, 2014, Embraer reported a total of 19,116 employees.

Who Is the CEO of Embraer?

CEO Paulo Cesar de Souza e Silva was replaced with Francisco Gomes Neto in early 2019. Neto not only has an electrical engineering degree, but also an MBA in controllership and finance. He worked in the automobile industry and has held multiple CEO positions in the past.

Other key people in Embraer include Mauro Kern, the VP, Jackson Schneider, VP, and José Filippo, VP.

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