Most people will only ever dream of flying in their own private jet. To be able to skip the lines, fly on your own schedule, and enjoy all the amenities of home as you travel seems to most of us the stuff of fantasy.

Few things say power and privilege quite like the opulence of a customized private jet. There are few more potent symbols of personal freedom. A great many of the wealthiest people in the world enjoy the convenience, comfort, and privacy that comes with owning their own personal aircraft.

There are a few ultra-wealthy folks though, who take the jet-setting lifestyle to another level entirely. From Sultans to Saudi Princes to American Presidents, the owners of the ten most expensive private jets in the world are a diverse (if wealthy) group of people.

Their custom aircraft, while similar in terms of comfort and function are also unique expressions of their respective owner’s unique and powerful personalities.

Sleek, fully equipped and lavishly appointed, the ten most expensive private jets on our list boast amenities to rival the finest hotels in the world. With features that range from full-capacity board rooms equipped with video-conferencing capabilities to onboard computerized missile-defense systems and even horse stables, these state-of-the-art aircraft represent the very top of the line in luxury and even opulence.

The planes on our list represent some of the finest aircraft ever built utilizing some of the top engines on the market. There is no sense in designing the private jet of your dreams, after all, if you aren’t going to go top-of-the-line all the way.

10. Boeing Business Jet 2 – Mukesh Ambani – $73 million

Editorial Team Mukesh Ambani Boeing BBJ

The owner of the last entry on our list of the most expensive private jets in the world is India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani. The largest shareholder in India’s most valuable company, Mr. Ambani is no stranger to the finest things in life and his jet is no exception.

This luxury private jet boasts a lavish 95.2 square meter interior featuring an executive lounge capable of hosting full board-meetings. Mr. Ambani’s custom Boeing Business Jet 2 also boasts a fully appointed master suite with both a private bedroom and bath.

At the price of $73 million, this private jet offers every comfort and convenience suited to both business or personal flight. Mr. Ambani’s Business Jet 2 also features separate, lushly appointed areas for seating and for dining.

Two CFM 56-7B27 Turbofan Engines allow for a maximum cruising speed of 870 km/hr. Maximum flight range for the Boeing Business Jet 2 is 12,300 kilometers.

9. Airbus A319 – Vijay Mallya – $81 million

Vijay Mallya Airbus A319 Takeoff
Editorial Team Vijay Mallya Airbus A319 Takeoff

Purchased and customized by liquor mogul Vijay Mallya, this private-jet came at a cost of $80.7 million. Featuring a fully-stocked bar and luxury dining area, this customized Airbus A319 Corporate Jet can accommodate thirty passengers comfortably.

Two Wing Pylon Mounted Turbofan engines allow the jet a maximum cruising speed of 828km/hr. The custom Airbus has a flight range of 9,475 kilometers.

Vijay Mallya Airbus A319 Interior
Editorial Team Vijay Mallya Airbus A319 Interior

Mallya’s custom A319 also features a full boardroom with extensive video conferencing capabilities. Mallya has since had to sell this flying tribute to luxury and productivity.

Most of the retrofits on the plane were over ten years old, so it is not likely the aircraft fetched anywhere near its original value at sale.

8. Gulfstream III – Tyler Perry – $125 million

Gulfstream III of Tyler Perry
Editorial Team Gulfstream III of Tyler Perry

The next entry on our list is owned by movie, television, and stage sensation Tyler Perry. The plane’s thirty-eight cubic meters of space has been converted to house several big-screen viewing rooms as well as a formal dining area and fully equipped custom kitchen.

This private Gulfstream III is propelled by two Rolls Royce Spey Turbofan engines that allow the jet a maximum cruising speed of 903 km/hr. The custom Gulfstream III belonging to Mr. Perry also boasts a more than respectable 7,402.98 kilometer flight range.

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The thirty-eight cubic meter interior of Tyler Perry’s custom private-jet features a private VIP bedroom and bathroom.

Aside from being one of the world’s most expensive private-jets, Tyler Perry’s Gulfstream III also holds a unique, but sad place in music history, as it was used to transport the body of superstar Whitney Houston following her tragic and untimely death.

7. Boeing 757 – Donald Trump – $100+ million

Donald Trump's Boeing 757
Editorial Team Donald Trump’s Boeing 757

Trump knows a thing or two when it comes to airplanes. He once owned his own shuttle airline, Trump Shuttle. Unfortunately for him, that did not turn out very well. It didn’t spoil his taste for luxury jets though.

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This private luxury jet is known by a famous callsign when its owner is aboard these days: Air Force One. Now-President Donald Trump reportedly paid $100 million dollars for the airliner before any customization had been performed.

No one knows exactly at what cost the customizations came in, but it must be in the tens of millions, seeing the interior of the Trump private jet is lined in 24K gold.

As a commercial jet airliner, the Boeing 757 seats two-hundred-forty people. After retrofitting by “the Donald,” forty-three passengers may fly comfortably within the jet’s 395 square meters of cabin space.

Powered by two Rolls Royce RB211 Turbofan engines, this customized 757 has a cruising speed of 1,044 km/hr and boasts a flight range of 12,874 kilometers.

A huge big-screen television and plenty of storage space are among the interior features of this private jet. Several bedrooms and a master suite are also on board. Trump’s private plane also features gold bathroom fixtures and seat-belt hardware.

6. Boeing 767 – Roman Abramovich – $170 million

Roman Abramovich Boeing 767 Takeoff
Editorial Team Roman Abramovich Boeing 767 Takeoff

Roman Abramovich, the owner of our next luxury private-jet, also happens to be the owner of the Chelsea Football Club. Frequently he uses the 767 to transport his team in style.

The jet boasts a lavishly appointed lounge and sleeping areas, as well as a dining area that accommodates thirty.

Editorial Team Roman Abramovich-Boeing 767

Powered by General Electric GF6-80C2 B2F engines, the custom 767 has a maximum cruising speed of 850 km/hr and a maximum flight range of 11,090 kilometers.

Featuring an interior of chestnut and gold, Abramovich’s private-jet has a cabin width of 4.5 meters.

While this entry on our list features all the comforts of home, its most distinguishing feature may be its onboard anti-missile system.

5. Boeing 747-430 – Sultan of Brunei – $323 million

Sultan of Brunei Boeing 747
Editorial Team Sultan of Brunei Boeing 747

One wouldn’t expect the Sultan of Brunei to travel in anything but the lap of luxury, and the Sultan’s custom 747 does not disappoint. Reportedly, he paid $100 million on top of the selling price in order to ensure the highest standards of luxury. Featuring a lavish interior replete with gold and crystal, the Sultan’s 747 is as ornate (if not more so) as any five-star hotel.

Turbofan Jet Engines power this luxury private aircraft to a cruising speed of 988 km/hr. The Boeing 747-430 has a flight range of 13,450 kilometers. At a price-tag of $223 million, plus the Sultan’s $100 million dollar customization job, it is hard to imagine that any detail was overlooked in the customizing the Sultan’s private jet.

4. Boeing 747-8 VIP – Joseph Lau – $367 million

Joseph Lau Boeing 747-8 VIP
Editorial Team Joseph Lau Boeing 747-8 VIP

Aptly designated the “Dreamliner,” this private jet is owned by Hong Kong Real-Estate tycoon Joseph Lau. The plane‘s 445 square meter interior features two levels, joined by a spiral staircase.

At a price tag of $153 million, Mr. Lau pulled out all the stops in customizing his home (and office) away from home.

Powered by General Electric GEnx engines and able to cruise at a maximum speed of 1195 km/hr, this custom 747 has a maximum flight range of 17,020 kilometers, the longest range of any jet on our list.

The interior features a gym, several guest rooms, and a huge private office large enough to hold board meetings. Vaulted ceilings add to the aircraft’s charm and give the illusion of a larger cabin-space.

3. Airbus A340-300 – Alisher Usmanov – $400 million

Alisher Usmanov Airbus A340
Editorial Team Alisher Usmanov Airbus A340

The next custom private jet on our list is the Airbus A340 of Russian billionaire business magnate Alisher Usmanov. Mr. Usmanov’s private Airbus has raised a few eyebrows in the mother-country, as the Uzbek-born investor and philanthropist’s aircraft is reported to be larger than Vladimir Putin’s own private jet.

Featuring sleeping quarters, bathrooms, and several sitting areas, Usmanov’s Airbus also includes a lavish dining room equipped with luxuriant leather chairs.

Four Turbofan engines allow for a maximum cruising speed of 915 km/hr and a maximum flight range of 13,699 kilometers. With a price-tag of $400 million (and possibly even more), it’s no wonder why this entry makes our list of the ten most expensive private jets.

2. Airbus A380 Custom – Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal – $402 million

Airbus A380 Private Jet Interior
Editorial Team Airbus A380 Private Jet Interior

If you’re looking for luxury and leg-room in a private jet, why not just customize the largest commercial airliner in the world? That’s exactly what Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal decided to do.

With 550 square meters of cabin space, the Prince’s Airbus 380 Private Jet has more than enough room for all the amenities of home, even if home happens to be a palace.

Featuring garage doors for cars and even a stable for transporting horses and camels, the plane that has become known as “The Flying Palace” also features several fully furnished bedrooms.

A prayer room that rotates to face Mecca from any direction is perhaps the crown jewel of this luxurious private jet.

Four Engine Alliance GP 7270 engines power this private jet plane to a maximum cruising speed of 1,050.87 km/hr. The Airbus 380 Custom has a flight range of 15,700 kilometers, the second-highest on our list.

1. Boeing 747-8 VIP – Anonymous – $558 million

Boeing 747-8 VIP
Editorial Team Boeing 747-8 VIP – image by

This private jet, the billionaire owner of which chooses to remain anonymous, reportedly came with a price tag of $358 million dollars, and this before any customization was performed.

Customization accounted for another $200 million dollars, bringing the grand total to a whopping $558 million US dollars. The fully appointed Boeing 747-8’s 1458 meters of cabin space provides ample room for all manner of luxury and personalization.

This Boeing 747-8 VIP features four General Electric GEnx 2B67 engines that allow for a maximum cruising speed of 1,044.44 km/hr. This entry on our list of the world’s priciest private jets boasts a flight range of 13,450 kilometers, among the highest of the group.

A private office, two living rooms, and a dining room that seats fourteen are among the interior features of this luxurious private airliner. It also boasts several bedrooms including a master suite. As an added nod to opulence, the bathroom fixtures and basins are all gold.

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