Celebrities have been known to spend their money on lavish things, but the truth is that a private jet can be a very practical investment for them. If you’d like to experience how the other half lives, just take a look at these American Hollywood celebs that travel in their own private jets. Some even have more than one…

Flying private can be turbulent, but a private plane allows people to travel in comfort and style. Private planes can be customized to meet the owners’ needs, and they often have private bedrooms, kitchens, and even conference rooms.

You may be wondering why these celebs opt for private planes when commercial airlines will presumably get them from point A to B just as quickly and with much less expense. Truth is, they can fly more direct routes than commercial airlines. They also don’t have to go through security check-points or wait for their luggage.

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Celebrities are also the target of many crazed fans, and commercial travel’s lack of anonymity is no longer an option for them. A private jet allows them to fly under the radar –not literally of course– with little chance that anyone will be able to board the plane without permission, pestering their favorite celebs.

Who knows how these celebrities would make it through airport security without a private jet? In addition to simply having more space for their bags, celebrities are allowed to go through the less-crowded priority security lines. They also don’t have to worry about showing up at check-in an hour early or rushing off their planes just to make it there on time for boarding.

Of course, private jets are not always practical. It seems that some celebs only use them when they need to get somewhere fast, and only use commercial airlines for longer trips.

Whether celebrities use their jets for private or professional reasons, or both, they certainly have a lot of luxurious planes to choose from. They can cost as little as $2 million or as much as $200 million, and below is just a handful of the celebrities who enjoy at least one private jet airplane.

Some other celebrities who fly private jets are rappers, golfers, footballers, sports teams, pastors, NASCAR drivers and athletes.

1. Taylor Swift: Dassault Falcon 900 and Falcon 50

Taylor Swift at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards
Yay Taylor Swift at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards
Dassault Falcon 900B
Peach Air Dassault Falcon 900B
Dassault Falcon 50
Peach Air Dassault Falcon 50

Let’s face it: Taylor Swift is a busy young lady. She writes songs constantly and is always on tour. Taking commercial flights would likely be inconvenient for her, so why not use a private jet instead? Swift’s main jet costs $40 million and seats up to 12 people comfortably, offering everyone a slice of luxury that they might not be used to.

She is also in a relationship with a man who lives in England, so she gets more use out of this jet than most people realize.

2. Jay-Z and Beyonce: Bombardier Challenger 850

Jay Z and Beyonce
Janne Wittoek Jay Z and Beyonce
Bombardier Challenger 850
James Bombardier Challenger 850

This plane was purchased for $40 million, which isn’t a problem considering that Jay-Z is now a billionaire. It has his name — S. Carter — painted on the side, and it is quite a large jet as well. Roomy and luxurious on the inside, it takes this famous couple everywhere they need to go in comfort and style.

If you ever catch a glimpse of this plane, you’ll know who it is carrying inside.

3. Oprah Winfrey: Bombardier BD-700 Global Express XRS

Oprah Winfrey Private Jet
Editorial Team Oprah Winfrey Private Jet

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most famous women in the world and is currently worth about $2 billion, so it’s not surprising that she can put out a mere $42 million on a private jet. Thereby making it the celebrity with one of the biggest private jets in the world.

She uses the jet to take her friends on all types of excursions, as well as for many of the professional commitments that she always has on her calendar. Oprah is also an inspiration to millions of women all over the world and is the epitome of a rags-to-riches story that everyone seems to love.

4. Tyler Perry: Gulfstream III

Tyler Perry
John Mathew Smith Tyler Perry
Gulfstream III
Axel J. Gulfstream III

Tyler Perry spent more than $125 million making his private jet more personalized. It comes with a conference room, large television set, electronic window shades, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and theater lighting. With all this and more, it is truly a home away from home.

This is a super-roomy private jet that even had the honor of bringing Whitney Houston’s body home after her untimely death. It is comfortable and cozy and seemingly has enough room for many of Perry’s friends and family members.

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5. Jim Carrey: Gulfstream V

Gulfstream V
Tomás Del Coro Gulfstream V

Jim Carrey is an incredibly successful actor who got his start being a funny man. He is currently worth about $150 million, but he paid a whopping $59 million for the Gulfstream V he owns. This is a high price to pay even for someone who makes the kind of money he does, but he can afford it all the same.

To make this story even more interesting, Carrey allows friends to rent out the jet if they wish as long as they have the $8000-per-hour asking price.

6. Jackie Chan: Embraer Legacy 650 and 500

Jackie Chan
Robert Sullivan Jackie Chan
Embraer Legacy 650
Antony Pratt Embraer Legacy 650
Embraer Legacy 500
Antony Pratt Embraer Legacy 500

Jackie Chan is a huge fan of Embraer planes, which is why he owns two of them. He purchased the Legacy 650 for $30 million in 2012 and the 500 for $20 million in 2016, spending a total of $50 million on the two jets.

Chan uses the Legacy 500 mostly for shorter trips, while the 650 is used for much longer trips. He still uses both of these jet airplanes regularly.

7. Harrison Ford: Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign

Harrison Ford at the 12th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards
Yay Harrison Ford at the 12th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards
Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign
Eric Denison Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign

Harrison Ford actually owns several planes as well as a helicopter. He is also an accomplished pilot himself. His Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign is his most expensive private plane, and he uses his planes to get him to various commitments safely and on time.

In addition to these things, he also works with an organization that introduces children to the world of airplanes and volunteers his time teaching those children all about flying.

8. Tom Cruise: Gulfstream IV

Tom Cruise
Gage Skidmore Tom Cruise
Gulfstream IV
Tomás Del Coro Gulfstream IV

Even though his private jet is one that he bought in 1998, the fact that it has a classic look is part of its charm. It is still a very reliable and comfortable plane, which is good to know considering it cost him a cool $36 million.

Cruise obviously has great taste when it comes to transportation because in addition to a private jet, he also owns a classic P-51 Mustang that looks as if it came right out of one of his movies.

9. Celine Dion: Bombardier BD 700 Global Express

Celine Dion at the 2017 Billboard Awards Press Room
Yay Celine Dion at the 2017 Billboard Awards Press Room
Bombardier BD 700 Global Express
Tomás Del Coro Bombardier BD 700 Global Express

The beautiful Celine Dion is worth about $800 million, so spending $42 million on her private jet isn’t a problem for her. The jet is super spacious and comes complete with a kitchen and several bathrooms. After losing her husband to cancer many years ago, it’s easy to feel that she deserves to have a private jet if that’s what she wants.

This roomy, luxurious jet offers Dion the ultimate in luxury and comfort wherever she goes, and she takes it almost everywhere.

10. John Travolta: Boeing 707, Eclipse 500, Bombardier Challenger 601, etc.

John Travolta at the 8th Annual Living Legends of Aviation
Yay John Travolta at the 8th Annual Living Legends of Aviation
Peach Air BOEING 707
Eclipse 500
unknown Eclipse 500
Bombardier Challenger 601
Reinhard Zinabold Bombardier Challenger 601

No one knows for sure just how many planes John Travolta has, but it is estimated to be between 6 and 11. He is an accomplished pilot himself and can fly as well as ride in one of his many private jets. Indeed, he is a collector of these airplanes and is likely still buying them.

And he parks all of these planes in his own backyard in his own mansion, so the man is truly the epitome of success and wealth.

11. Steven Spielberg: Global Express XRS / Gulfstream G650)

Steven Spielberg
Gage Skidmore Steven Spielberg
Global Express XRS
Alan Wilson Global Express XRS

Steven Spielberg is worth nearly $4 billion, so when he spent $70 million on his private jet, no one blinked an eye. It is a super-luxurious, very roomy jet that seats up to 18 passengers and allows all of them to travel in style and comfort.

The jet’s call sign is N900KS, and it’s thought that Spielberg actually has more than one private jet. He and his wife have seven children between them, so perhaps he needs the space!

12. Morgan Freeman: Cessna Citation 501 / Syberjet SJ30)

John Mathew Smith MORGAN FREEMAN

Morgan Freeman is an accomplished pilot, receiving his license while in his 60s, and owns an $8 million Syberjet SJ30 airplane. He uses it to get to various commitments, but he also likes to pilot the planes that he owns.

Freeman is an accomplished actor and has made millions making movies. While he didn’t start flying his own planes until much later than many other pilots, he is still very good at it and enjoys owning his own jet airplanes.

13. Mel Gibson: Gulfstream V

Mel Gibson
George Biard Mel Gibson
Gulfstream V
Tomás Del Coro Gulfstream V

Mel Gibson hasn’t had a hit movie in a while, which he might need to cover his $7.2 million annual living expenses. Nevertheless, his Gulfstream V jet is one that he paid nearly $40 million for and he uses it for all of his travels, both personal and professional.

The Gulfstream V is considered one of the safest and longest-range jets on the market today, so there’s little wonder why Gibson chose it, especially since he has a rather large family and travels frequently.

14. Dennis Quaid: Cessna Citation II

Dennis Quaid
Gordon Corell Dennis Quaid
Cessna Citation II
Alan Wilson Cessna Citation II

In addition to the Cessna Citation II, Quaid also owns a Cessna 421 twin-engine plane and a Beechcraft Bonanza. Before his movie The Right Stuff, Quaid was actually afraid of flying, but that no longer applies and now he flies in one of his private jets every chance he gets.

He not only flies from location to location for his professional commitments, but he loves taking one of his jets to places such as Honduras and Belize whenever he goes on vacation with his family.

15. Drake: Boeing 767-300F

Amber Drake
Cargo Boeing 767 300F
Aero Icarus Cargo Boeing 767-300F

Drake’s Boeing 767 private jet is actually worth more than he is. His estimated worth is around $180 million, yet this type of jet is around $200 million when it’s brand-new. When you consider that Drake had his jet personalized after he purchased it, you can safely assume that he spent more than $200 million in the end.

To give you an idea of how big the jet is, it is two platforms bigger than the president’s Air Force One and it is so big that just one cross-country trip could cost more than $21,000 in gas alone.

16. Dwayne Johnson: Gulfstream G650

Dwayne Johnson
Eva Rinaldi Dwayne Johnson
Gulfstream G650
Alan Wilson Gulfstream G650

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson spent $64 million on his private jet, but considering that he’s one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, he can certainly afford it. One of the reasons why he loves his jet is because it gives him the leg room that he needs and even first-class commercial flights don’t provide.

Johnson uses the plane for all types of travel, and it has enough room on the inside for him to relax and get some rest if that’s all he wants to do. It is certainly much more convenient and more comfortable than flying commercial.

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17. Dan Bilzerian: Gulfstream IV

Dan Bilzerian
Filmora News Dan Bilzerian
Gulfstream IV
Tomás Del Coro Gulfstream IV

Bilzerian has made millions of dollars on the poker circuit, so it’s no surprise that he has his own private jet. He tries to live like a rock star and usually surrounds himself with gorgeous women and lots of food, which are partly to blame for his two heart attacks.

Nevertheless, his Gulfstream IV jet costs $6 million and is the epitome of luxury and comfort. He uses it to fly himself to both vacations and professional commitments, and it is very unlikely that he is ever traveling alone during one of these excursions.

18. Kylie Jenner: Bombardier Global Express 7500

Kylie Jenner
Robert Sullivan Kylie Jenner
Global Express 7500
Antony Pratt Global Express 7500

Because her makeup products have been so successful, Jenner went on a huge shopping spree in 2020 and purchased this $72 million jet that she calls Sky Ky. It is pink and white and has lots of room on the inside; of course, it should be roomy considering what she paid for it.

The jet can fly for more than 8800 miles without stopping, but once you see how large it is, you’ll not be surprised by this feat.

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19. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Gulfstream III

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Gage Skidmore Arnold Schwarzenegger
Gulfstream III
Axel J. Gulfstream III

Even though Schwarzenegger opted for the most basic Gulfstream III, it still cost him a whopping $35 million. He used it to commute from his home in Los Angeles to his office in Sacramento while he was governor, and since then he has used it for both business and pleasure.

Schwarzenegger refused his paycheck while he was governor of California, and even though his net worth is astronomical, it was still a nice gesture on his part.

20. Nicolas Cage: Gulfstream G550

Nicolas Cage
G155 Nicolas Cage
Gulfstream G550
Antony Pratt Gulfstream G550

Cage’s Gulfstream G550 private jet includes a conference room, kitchen, and mini bar to keep both passengers and staff happy. It is powered with Rolls Royce 710 turbofan engines and can fly more than 7300 nautical miles in just 14 hours.

At a cost of $30 million, the jet has everything that passengers need to stay comfortable and happy the entire time, whether they’re going on vacation or flying off to another movie location. Cage uses it for all of his travels, in other words.

21. Cardi B: undisclosed

Cardi B
Chris Allmeid Cardi B

While pictures have surfaced of Cardi B’s private jet, we still don’t know exactly what kind it is. Nevertheless, we do know that it cost her about $20 million and that it is equipped with all the luxuries she’s undoubtedly used to by now.

This includes leather seats, a bed, large TV screens, a great sound system, delicious food such as crab legs and more, and lots of mirrors.

22. Jerry Seinfeld: Gulfstream V

Jerry Seinfeld
David Shankbone Jerry Seinfeld
Gulfstream V
Tomás Del Coro Gulfstream V

Jerry Seinfeld is an American comedian, actor, producer, and director who has been in the business since 1976. His Gulfstream V private jet is worth an estimated $22 million, and he uses it for both professional and commercial commitments.

Since it is spacious and luxurious, the jet gives Seinfeld a chance for some R&R in between gigs, and he uses it frequently to take his family on vacation.

23. George Clooney: Gulfstream G450

George Clooney
Ed Van-West Garcia George Clooney
Gulfstream G450
Peach Air Gulfstream G450

Despite the fact that actor George Clooney is always touting a lifestyle that leaves behind a smaller carbon footprint, his $43 million private jet is something that he uses frequently, causing lots of people to cry foul. Nevertheless, it is a spacious and luxurious jet that he uses to fly to both personal and professional commitments.

And he’s not selfish about sharing the plane, either. Just some of the many celebrities who have been spotted on his plane include Jennifer Aniston, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle. In fact, Clooney even flew Markle back to the U.K. after her baby shower in New York City.

24. Elon Musk: Gulfstream G550 and G650

Elon Musk
Steve Jurvetson Elon Musk
Gulfstream G550
Antony Pratt Gulfstream G550
Gulfstream G650
Alan Wilson Gulfstream G650

It’s no surprise to anyone that Elon Musk has more than one private jet. The G550 that he bought in 2008 costs around $14 million, even though most believe that Tesla foots the bill whenever Musk uses it. The plane has Rolls Royce engines and offers the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

Musk reportedly travels around 150,000 miles per year, so it’s easy to understand why flying privately that often beats the heck out of flying commercially.

25. Ludacris: Hawker 700

Ludacris at the Launch Party for the BlackBerry Curve hosted by AT and T
Yay Ludacris at the Launch Party for the BlackBerry Curve hosted by AT and T
Hawker 700
Reinhard Zinabold Hawker 700

While little is known about the inside of the plane, Luda’s Hawker 700 is known to cost the rap star around $20 million. But since he has a net worth of around $25 million, it seems that he can afford it. The rapper is also a pilot himself, so he can often be seen flying his own plane.

The Hawker 700 is a spacious and luxurious plane, and Luda uses it for various personal and professional commitments.

26. 50 Cent: Beechcraft Beechjet and Cessna 510

50 cent
Alex Const 50 cent
M USTG. Cessna 510 Citation Mustang
Tony Guest ‘M-USTG’. Cessna 510 Citation Mustang

People “in the know” seem to believe that rapper 50 Cent has two private jets, and it is thought that one of them is a Cessna 510 jet. From pictures of the inside of the jet, it has beige leather seats and enough room to seat up to eight passengers.

The call signal for at least one of the jets is N424SK. 50 Cent uses it for a variety of commitments and at least most of his travels.

27. Akon: Dassault Falcon 900

Dassault Falcon 900
Jean-Luc Altherr Dassault Falcon 900

Not much information can be found about American singer Akon’s private jet, but we do know that it cost him roughly $300 million. Undoubtedly, this is a super-luxurious plane with lots of room and all of the amenities he needs to enjoy his home away from home.

28. George Lucas: Gulfstream G550

George Lucas
John Mathew Smith George Lucas
Gulfstream G550
Antony Pratt Gulfstream G550

George Lucas, the director of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones films, is worth a reported $7 billion, so it’s no surprise that he can afford a $61 million private jet. The dark red jet has the call sign N138GL and seats up to 19 passengers comfortably. He is allegedly the richest movie director in the world.

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