In a society where people with money are what a lot of people aspire to be like, there’s little wonder why nearly everyone is impressed with a private jet. Let’s face it, flying commercial can be a stressful event, but when you own your own jet, you can enjoy the flight much more than you would if you were flying first-class. The athletes on this list are great examples of that.

Private jets are the ultimate status symbol, not just because of their high prices but also because they are usually customized to suit the owner’s needs. They are very spacious and luxurious, and they can be used for everything from vacations to corporate meetings and everything in between.

Professional athletes can be quite wealthy, and they stay busy most of the time, so a private jet can be both a luxury and a way to make sure these pros get to where they need to go safely and on time.

Some golfers are known to fly private, as do footballers. So if you’re looking for a sports career that may reward you with a private jet, those are the ones to practice (and become perfect…). Racing, such as Formula 1 or NASCAR, can also provide for private jet travel. Of course, this privilege is only affordable for the best of the best players in the field.

Let’s take a look at 20 athletes who are fortunate (or good?) enough to make enough money to buy a private jet and travel in style.

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1. Michael Jordan: Gulfstream G550

Michael Jordan
Quadzilla99 Michael Jordan
Gulfstream G550 MJ Air Inc
Peach Air Gulfstream G550 – MJ Air Inc.

That Michael Jordan is worth millions isn’t surprising, and people recognize his private jet everywhere he goes. It is painted in the familiar Carolina blue color and even has the “Jumpman” logo on the tail. His call sign, N236MJ, reflects his initials, his jersey number, and the number of NBA titles he won while he was a player.

This luxurious jet is customized to meet Jordan’s needs, and it is home to two Rolls Royce engines. It can also fly at 500 knots and always promise to get him where he needs to go in style.

2. Lionel Messi: Gulfstream V

Lionel Messi
Nazionale Calcio Lionel Messi
Gulfstream V
Tomás Del Coro Gulfstream V

Messi is one of the richest athletes in the soccer world, with a net worth of around $27 million. He uses his private jet to spend more time with his wife and three children, and he even had their four names placed on the steps leading up to the cabin of the plane.

When he goes to his two favorite vacation spots – Antigua and Ibiza – he always takes his jet, which allows him to spend more time there than he otherwise would.

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3. David Beckham: Bombardier Challenger 350

David Beckham
Komers Real David Beckham
Bombardier Challenger 350
Peach Air Bombardier Challenger 350

David Beckham is without a doubt one of the most famous footballers on the planet. Between his overseas games and his U.S.-based family, his private jet ensures he’ll be wherever he needs to be on time, every time.

He recently made headlines when he flew the players, family members, and coaches of his young son’s sports team to Germany for an important tournament. With such a busy schedule, he considers it more than just a luxury to have a private jet at his disposal every moment of the day.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo: Gulfstream G200

Cristiano Ronaldo Private Jet CR7
Editorial Team Cristiano Ronaldo Private Jet CR7
Gulfstream G200
Eric Denison Gulfstream G200

Ronaldo is a world-renowned football/soccer player and spent roughly $60 million on his private jet. It seats up to 18 passengers comfortably and gets him to numerous professional and personal outings safely and on time.

You can’t help but think that he somehow deserves the jet, especially when you consider all of his charity work and the fact that he likes to leave big tips wherever he goes.

Cristiano Ronaldo even has an airport named after him on the Portuguese island of Madeira where he grew up. In below video you can see his private jet landing on Cristiano Ronaldo Airport:

Cristiano Ronaldo Private jet landing at Cristiano Ronaldo airport on Madeira Island, Portugal

5. Tiger Woods: Gulfstream G550

Tiger woods
Omar Rawlings Tiger woods
Gulfstream G550
Antony Pratt Gulfstream G550

Between tournaments and endorsement deals, Tiger Woods is one of the richest athletes on the planet. He owns lots of properties and several yachts, but it’s his Gulfstream G550 private jet that gets him to where he needs to be comfortably and in style.

Woods has won 14 major tournament titles, but injuries have kept him off the links for a little while. Nevertheless, he seems to be back in the game for now and will no doubt be using his jet for various professional and personal goings-on.

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6. Michael Schumacher: Falcon 200

2200831 scuderia ferrari f1 michael schumacher 2006
Yay michael schumacher
Falcon 200
Peach Air Falcon 200

Schumacher has won a total of 91 Formula 1 races and is currently worth more than $800 million. He spent $22 million on his Falcon 200 private jet, which has room for up to nine passengers and can fly at up to 460 knots.

He also owns a private island that is worth around $7 million, but that was a gift from an important official in Dubai. Schumacher’s jet is one of his prized possessions, and it gets him everywhere he needs to go in comfort and style.

7. Phil Mickelson: Gulfstream V

Phil Mickelson
Corn Farmer Phil Mickelson
Gulfstream V of Phil Mickleson
Mark Harkin Gulfstream V of Phil Mickleson

Mickelson makes millions off his golf games and endorsement deals, and his estate in Rancho Santa Fe, California, is worth a cool $7 million. He uses his Gulfstream private jet to take him to both tournaments and on vacation, so even though the jet cost him $60 million, he certainly gets a lot of use out of it.

The jet is spacious and seats up to 14 passengers comfortably, and it has two Rolls Royce engines in it. Passengers also get access to the Internet, media players, and a large television to help occupy their time while they’re flying from one location to another.

8. Magic Johnson: Gulfstream G-III

Magic Johnson
John Mathew Smith Magic Johnson
Gulfstream 3 of Magic Johnson
Peach Air Gulfstream 3 of Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson not only uses his private jet for pleasure, but some of his biggest business deals have been negotiated while on the plane. This includes the meeting where he sold his 5% share of the Lakers basketball team.

His call sign, N32MJ, uses his former jersey number and his initials as part of the sign, and he’s used his jet to fly players out to various locations when athlete trading was occurring. This is a jet that gets tons of use from a man who is known all over the world. 

9. Alex Rodriguez: Gulfstream IV SP

Alex Rodriguez
Michael E. Lee Alex Rodriguez
Gulfstream IV SP
Editorial Team Gulfstream IV SP

No, his plane does not have King A-Rod painted on the side like many people believe, but this 22-seat private jet has been used to bring A-Rod to places such as Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Key West, Miami, and Mexico, to name a few. 

In 2006, the plane skidded off the runway in California, but that was then. A-Rod is not scared off by such occurrences and still uses his jet for tons of personal and professional commitments. Whether he’s going to a sporting event or on vacation, he uses his private jet to get him there every time.

10. Floyd Mayweather: Gulfstream G650

13316162 floyd mayweather jr at a haunted house 2 world premiere regal cinemas los angeles ca 04 16 14imagecollect
Yay floyd mayweather
Gulfstream G650
Alan Wilson Gulfstream G650

Mayweather gave himself the nickname Money, and it shows when you look at the way he lives. He has not one, but two private jets and they are each worth $40 million. He uses one of them to haul his entourage around and the other to get to and from his homes in Los Angeles and Miami.

He once tried to get his pilot to “race” another plane while they were 30,000 feet in the air, but of course, this is illegal and it didn’t pan out.

11. Lewis Hamilton: Bombardier Challenger 605

Lewis Hamilton
Jen Ross Lewis Hamilton
Bombardier Challenger 605
Antony Pratt Bombardier Challenger 605

Lewis Hamilton is a Formula 1 driver, and a successful one at that. He once owned a cherry-red Bombardier Challenger 605 but sold it when he became more interested in helping to protect the environment.

Now, Lewis uses other forms of transportation and doesn’t eat meat, but his private jet once got him to numerous professional and personal commitments. Not bad for a man who hasn’t turned 40 years old yet.

12. LeBron James: Gulfstream G280

LeBron James
Steve Jurvetson LeBron James
Gulfstream G280
Eric Denison Gulfstream G280

LeBron James has a net worth of around $527 million because of his basketball earnings. This is why it wasn’t a problem for him to buy a private jet that costs $23 million. Not only does he use the jet to get to both professional and personal commitments, but he always uses it to spend more time with his family.

In fact, he once took the jet to one of his son’s games in between commitments of his own so that he wouldn’t miss out on some more bonding time with his child.

13. Conor McGregor: Cessna 560 XL

Conor McGregor Private Jet
Editorial Team Conor McGregor Private Jet
Cessna 560XL
Editorial Team Cessna 560XL

Like many athletes, Conor McGregor loves showing off his money, but since the UFC fighter is currently worth around $118 million, who can blame him? His private jet can seat up to 32 passengers comfortably and is therefore very large. 

In fact, McGregor uses his jet to get almost anywhere, including both personal and professional commitments. The plane offers the ultimate in luxury and style for the friends and family he often takes with him wherever he goes.

14. Roger Federer: (sponsored by NetJets)

Roger Federer
sigckgc Roger Federer

Roger Federer is a world-famous Swiss tennis player who is said to be worth around $900 million, so his jet that costs roughly $54 million wasn’t a problem for him. It is sponsored by NetJets, a company he has an endorsement deal with, and it’s what he uses for both professional and personal commitments.

Federer is also set to become the first billionaire in the tennis world, and between his endorsements – which include Rolex – and game winnings, he will most likely make it.

15. Sergio Garcia: Hawker 850

Sergio Garcia
Jim Epler Sergio Garcia
Hawker 850
Paul Daly Hawker 850

This well-known golfer uses his Hawker 850 private jet to get him from tournament to tournament, allowing him to be well-rested when he gets there. This is a luxurious plane that can fly at almost 450 knots and seats up to eight passengers comfortably.

Garcia bought the jet not just because he can afford it, but because it’s a practical investment that gives him some control over when he’ll arrive at his various commitments. It is stylish, looks good, and ensures that he’ll never be late for any of his personal or professional commitments.

16. Tracy McGrady: Falcon 2000

Tracy McGrady
keithjj Tracy McGrady
Tomás Del Coro FALCON 2000

McGrady, who plays for the Spurs, bought his Falcon 2000 T-Mac in 2005 and loves it so much, he actually had the words T1 MAC painted on the side of the plane. His manager has even told Sports Illustrated that he thought it was a good investment for the young star.

Because of his schedule, McGrady and his manager both believe that the private jet is a money-saver in the end, and so far, they’ve been proven right. Nevertheless, it is still a luxury item that always gets the star athlete wherever he needs to go in style, whether it’s a vacation or a job-related commitment.

17. Tom Brady: Gulfstream G550

Tom Brady
Jeffrey Beall Tom Brady
Gulfstream G550
Antony Pratt Gulfstream G550

Purchased in 2008, Brady’s private jet is actually owned by his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Not only does he use it for both business and pleasure, but he has allowed the jet to take him to everything from the Kentucky Derby to several professional fights, and a whole lot more.

The former Patriots quarterback has even been known to load up a bunch of his football buddies and take them on various vacation hotspots. It is very luxurious and spacious, but many people wonder if his wife is merely letting him use the jet or the famous quarterback now actually owns it.

18. Triple H: Bombardier Global 5000

Bombardier Global 5000
Dmitry Bombardier Global 5000

Triple H is the WWE chief operating officer and is in charge of the WWE brand. His private jet, which he purchased in 2007 for around $27.5 million, offers tons of perks and takes him to all of the various WWE events scheduled around the world.

In addition to his personal jet, he sometimes flies on the WWE corporate jet, so he is definitely used to living in the lap of luxury. 

19. Manny Pacquiao: Bell Jet Ranger Helicopter

11629660 manny pacquiao at the allsaints spitalfields and not for sale collection launch the music box hollywood ca 10 24 11imagecollect
Yay manny pacquiao
Bell Jet Ranger Helicopter
James Bell Jet Ranger Helicopter

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao owns a five-seater helicopter that he now uses to visit remote areas as a politician. He bought the helicopter in 2012 for around $358,000. The former boxer likes to get to where he needs to go safely and on time, and this helicopter lets him do just that.

Pacquiao isn’t out to impress people like some other celebrities are, but the colorful helicopter lets him ride in comfort and style wherever he goes.

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20. Neymar: Cessna Citation Sovereign

20230580 spain barcelona v rayo vallecano football
Yay neymar
Cessna Citation Sovereign
GeorgeM757 Cessna Citation Sovereign

The Brazilian football player Neymar spent a whopping $10 million on his private jet, which he uses for both business and pleasure. As a result of a headbutt at the Copa América game, he had to lie low for a while, so he took his private jet to Vegas for a few days of rest and relaxation.

He recently used his jet to get to some promotional commitments, not to mention to pick up a young Serbian model he met in 2014. The latter certainly made the headlines, but it’s doubtful this will be the last time that happens.

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