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Eurocopter became Airbus Helicopters SAS in 2014.

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The 1992 merger of the DASA and Aérospatiale’s helicopter divisions resulted in the formation of Eurocopter Group. This group is now known as Airbus Helicopters SAS, and is the Airbus helicopter manufacturing division. It is a huge division and it is the largest in terms of turbine helicopter deliveries and revenue.

The merger of the parents of Airbus Helicopters in 2000 resulted in this firm now being a completely owned subsidiary of Airbus. Airbus opened their main facilities in 1969. They also have a production line in Mississippi, which they use to produce a lot of their various parts and components.

Modern Era

By 2014, there were more than 12,000 helicopters already in service. This encompassed more than 3,000 customers around the world in more than 150 countries.

2013 was a great year for Eurocopter, as they sold 422 helicopters. They also delivered 497 that year. They currently have a 45% market share in both the parapublic and civil markets.

Airbus Helicopters currently has more than 70% of the North American market share. They also have a holding position in most of the largest market segments, and are able to do this thanks to their diverse selection that they offer. They provide high performance and incredibly versatile aircraft.

Additionally, Airbus is known for providing high-quality training, as well as support and technical assistance after purchase.

A lot of the helicopters were renamed to resemble Airbus airplane names in 2015. Trade names of certain helicopters were changed in 2016 to reflect the name change of this division.

Notable Events

Airbus Helicopters has long been known for establishing multiple helicopter firsts and being an industry leader. One of the things that they are best known for is the production of the first turboshaft-powered helicopter. This was known as the Aérospatiale Alouette II and was introduced in 1955.

Additionally, they introduced the Fenestron shrouded tail rotor on their Gazelle in 1968. They also produced the first helicopter that was approved for full flight during icing conditions. This occurred in 1984, and was the AS332 Super Puma.

In 2003, they produced a helicopter with a Fly-by-wire control system. The NHIndustries NH90 was flown in full FBW mode during this year. They also introduced the first helicopter to have a primary control system based on Fly-by-light. The EC135 was flown in 2003.

Finally, in 2005, they landed the first helicopter on Mt. Everest. This was the AS350 B3.


Unfortunately, there have been a number of crashes involving Eurocopter helicopters. One of the most recent crashes was on February 27, 2019. This crash occurred with one pilot and six passengers on board. The helicopter crashed due to bad weather, and all seven people on board died. This crash involved a AS350 B3e.

Another recent crash occurred in 2018 in New York City. This involved a sightseeing helicopter, an AS350 Écureuil. The tour company had had two other crashes in the past 11 years, but this helicopter had not been involved in any of them. Five people died due to the crash, which was attributed to a failed engine.

There were two crashes in 2015. One was in March, when two AS350 Écureuil helicopters collided while in mid air. This crash killed all 10 people on the two helicopters, including boxer Alexis Vastine, sailor Florence Arthaud, and swimmer Camille Muffat.

The other 2015 crash involved a Eurocopter AS350 Astar. This helicopter was being used on a sightseeing flight and crashed in New Zealand, killing the seven people on board.


Eurocopter FAQ

Where Are Eurocopter Helicopters Made?

There are currently four main plants that are located throughout Europe. These are in Germany and in France. Additionally, there are 32 participants and subsidiaries located around the world. Some of these are in Australia, Spain, and the US.

Since around 2006, Eurocopter has been working on plans for the Future Transport Helicopter project.

How Many Employees Does Eurocopter Have?

Eurocopter is a division of Airbus, which employs around 23,000 people around the world.

Who Owns Eurocopter?

Airbus has owned Eurocopter for years.

Who Is the CEO of Eurocopter?

The current CEO of Airbus is Bruno Even.

How Much Is Eurocopter Worth?

In 2013, Airbus Helicopters posted an impressive revenue of €6.3 billion.

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