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MIL (Московский вертолётный завод им. М.Л. Миля) is a Russian manufacturer of civil and military helicopters. The company is majority state-owned through Rostec (Ростех).

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Founded in 1947 as a Soviet, and later Russian, producer and designer of helicopters, MIL Moscow Helicopter Plant is a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters. It was established as the helicopter laboratory under the guidance of Mikhail Mil and was located at the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute.

In the early 1960s, MIL Helicopters produced the Mi-8 helicopter, a successful helicopter that could be used for both civil and military applications. More than 12,000 helicopters were produced.

In 2006, MIL Helicopters, Rostvertol, and Kamov all merged to create Russian Helicopters. Even though overlapping product lines were eliminated, the MIL brand was retained.

Modern Era

Russian Helicopters is known for being one of the top companies producing helicopters in the world today. They are the only Russian rotorcraft designer and manufacturer and are known throughout the world for their ability to not only design, but also manufacture, service, and test military and civilian helicopters.

This company is part of the State Corporation Rostec, and their facilities are spread throughout the entire country.

With design bureaus, assembly plants, production of components, repair and maintenance, and service companies that provide support after purchase, this company is sprawling.

Notable Events

Some exciting news in July of 2019 was that the Mi-38 recently passed a number of flights that were conducted in high altitudes and extremely high temperatures. Thanks to the impressive results, the helicopter passed the testing, resulting in improved use. This helicopter can be used for transporting both passenger and cargo, as well as for search and rescue operations.

In July of 2017, United Helicopters and Russian Helicopters signed contracts for delivery of 10 helicopters to be given to Chinese operators. China was interested in obtaining high quality and durable civil helicopters, and Russian-made helicopters perfectly fit the bill.

In October of 2016, the Mi-28N underwent an impressive upgrade and made its maiden flight. This is an effective attack helicopter that can be used for multiple tasks, including target designation, aerial reconnaissance, and destruction of targets both in the air and on the ground. It marks a high level of achievement in Russian helicopters.


On August 4, 2018 there was a crash involving an Mi-8 helicopter. There were two of these helicopters taking off, one after another, from the same area. The second Mi-8 helicopter accidentally hit the external cargo of the first helicopter, causing it to break apart and burst into flames. Eighteen people were killed in this accident, while the first helicopter remained undamaged.

Another recent crash involving the Mi-8 occurred in 2003. A helicopter carrying Leszek Miller, Poland’s Prime Minister, crashed outside of Warsaw. There were 15 people on the flight, and 14 of them were injured, although nobody was killed.

The Mi-8 was involved in yet another crash on July 2, 2013. This helicopter was carrying 25 passengers and three crew members. Twenty-four of the passengers died when the pilot lost control of the helicopter when flying in strong winds, causing the aircraft to crash.

MIL Helicopters FAQ

Where Is MIL Helicopters Headquartered?

This company is currently headquartered in Tomilino, Russia.

Where Are X Helicopters Made?

There are a number of production facilities for these helicopters. They include Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, Rostvertol, Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise, and Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company.

In addition, they offer support via a global network for service and maintenance after sales.

What Else Does MIL Helicopters Manufacture?

Russian Helicopters only manufactures helicopters, but they have a wide variety of types on the market today. They specialize in light utility helicopters, transport and passenger helicopters, light and medium multirole helicopters, and heavy transport helicopters. They also offer the VRT500, a light single-engine helicopter.

Who Owns MIL Helicopters?

This company is a subsidiary of the parent company Russian Helicopters.

Who Is the CEO of MIL Helicopters?

Andrey Boginsky is the current CEO of Russian Helicopters. He was named as CEO on January 23, 2017. Since June 30, 2015, he has been a member of the Board of Directors of JSC Russian Helicopters.

How Much Is MIL Helicopters Worth?

The total assets of this company in 2017 were listed as $287 million. They had a revenue of $184 million and an operating income of 21.5 million.

Their net income in 2017 was $6.79 million, with total equity listed at $69.1 million.

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