The AW149 is a twin-engine, medium-sized helicopter with a maximum gross weight of 10.6 tonnes that was designed and developed by Agusta Westland. It has been in service since 2006 and the company claims it to be the most advanced model in its class. In this post we will take a closer look at some of the technical specifications of this aircraft.

United Kingdom
2011 to: Present
US$13 million
MIL-STD-1553B data bus
2x 2 × Pratt & Whitney Turboshafts
2,000 horsepower
Max Cruise Speed:
159 knots
294 Km/h
Approach Speed (Vref):
Travel range:
500 Nautical Miles
926 Kilometers
Fuel Economy:
1.12 nautical mile / gallon
0.548 kilometres / litre
Service Ceiling:
20,000 feet
Rate of Climb:
2000 feet / minute
10.16metre / second
Take Off Distance:
Landing Distance:
Max Take Off Weight:
8,000 Kg
17,637 lbs
Max Landing Weight:
Max Payload:
2,722 Kg
6,001 lbs
Fuel Tank Capacity:
546 gallon
2,067 litre
Baggage Volume:
2.4 m3 / 85 ft3
Seats - Economy / General:
18 seats
Seats - Business Class:
Seats - First Class:
Cabin Height:
Cabin Width:
Cabin Length:
Exterior Length:
17.57 metre - 57.64 feet
Tail height:
5.14 metre - 16.86 feet
Fuselage Diameter:
Wing Span / Rotor Diameter:
14.6 metre - 47.90 feet
Wing Tips:
No Winglets

The Agusta Westland AW149 is a medium-sized twin engine helicopter. It first flew in 2008 and has since been sold to the Italian military and police forces. The aircraft is designed for search and rescue, law enforcement, emergency medical services (EMS), offshore oil & gas operations support, corporate transport, firefighting duties, as well as passenger transport for up to 19 people.

The AW149 features a four blade main rotor system with anti-torque tail rotor and two turboshaft engines mounted on either side of the fuselage underneath stub wings. Main cabin seats 14 passengers or 2 stretchers plus medical attendants while the crew can be seated up front in order to provide direct assistance during any emergency landing.

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