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MD Helicopters has a number of popular helicopters in production. They quickly grew after winning the contract for the AH 64-Apache in 1975. The company changed hands a few times, but has been independent again since 2005.

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Aircraft by MD Helicopters


The Aircraft Division of Hughes Tool Company first began developing light helicopters in 1955, which led them to create the Hughes 300, 269, 500, and the 530F, as well as the AH 64-Apache and OH-6 Cayuse. In 1984, Hughes sold their helicopters division to McDonnell Douglas.

Boeing and McDonnell Douglas merged in 1997 to become The Boeing Company. Just two years later, Boeing sold the commercial helicopter lines to an indirect subsidiary of RDM Holding Inc. This sale included not just the MD 500, but also its variants. In addition, NOTAR aircraft were included in the sale.

MD Helicopter Holdings Inc., a subsidiary, was later acquired in July 2005.

Lynn Tilton, the owner of Patriarch Partners, LLC recapitalized the company as an independent company, known as MD Helicopters, Inc.

Modern Era

Today, MD Helicopters has turned around and enjoys a great reputation for creating aircraft used around the world. They currently have more than 2,500 aircraft in service worldwide. Their aircraft are used by the US Special Operations, Korean Armed Forces, Jordanian Armed Forces, Afghan Air Force, Columbus Police, and others.

Since they are focused not only on aircraft design, but also on supply chain product flow, process improvements, and improving fuselage ramp-up, MD Helicopters have been able to integrate design and technology into their aircraft.

They have seen an increase in repair and overhaul, as well as the sale of spares. Additionally, they are enjoying an increase in monthly part sales. Known for producing aircraft that are safe, versatile, and responsive, they are loved by customers all over the world.

Notable Events

One notable event that MD Helicopters recently celebrated was on July 5, 2019. On that day they announced both the sale and the delivery of an MD 530F to the International Defense & Aerospace Group, LLC. This is a Pennsylvania-based sales agent.

Another recent event of note was on April 8, 2019. The company announced that all military aircraft that they manufactured as a part of their IDIQ contract were now being produced under the US Army Ground and Flight Risk Clause. This means that the development, certification, and even production will all be streamlined.

On March 5, 2019, MD Helicopters introduced their MD 969 Combat Attack helicopter. This introduction was completed at the HAI Heli-Expo. The MD 969 represents an evolution of the 900.902 helicopters. It is a weaponized helicopter that is designed to provide impressive assault and attack capabilities even though it is incredibly light.

MD Helicopters FAQ

Where is MD Helicopters Based?

MD Helicopters is currently based in Mesa, Arizona.

What Else Does MD Helicopters Manufacture?

As a helicopter development organization, MD Helicopters only designs and manufactures helicopters. They currently have seven models that are available. These vary in their use. Some are ideal for military use, others for use by law enforcement, VIP, EMS, and some are even for utility use.

MD Helicopters is known for their NOTAR technology. This technology offers safe, responsive, quiet, and FOD-resistant directional control without all of the mechanical disadvantages of a traditional tail rotor.

This technology is known for delivering improved safety to the helicopter, a reduction in noise, a reduced pilot workload, and a reduction in aircraft vibration. The end result is a safe, smoother, and more comfortable ride.

Who Owns MD Helicopters?

Patriarch Partners, LLC is a private investment firm. They have used affiliated investment funds to have ownership in and to help restructure more than 240 companies since 2000. Lynn Tilton is the CEO of this company, which purchased MD Helicopters in 2005 following display commercial performance.

Who Is the CEO of MD Helicopters?

Lynn Tilton is an American businesswoman who worked in the past as an investment banker for Goldman, Sachs and Merrill Lynch. She has had ownership in more than 240 companies and worked to restructure them, which led her to working with combined revenues of more than $100 billion.

She is currently the CEO and Chairman of MD Helicopters. In early 2011, she was given the honor of being named the “Aviation Entrepreneur of the Year” at the Living Legends of Aviation Awards ceremony. She was honored with this award thanks in part to her commitment to and involvement in the successful turnaround of MD Helicopters.

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