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Can Civilians Buy Simunition?

Simunition is a brand of non-lethal training ammunition and the name of the related training system that includes weapon conversion kits and training courses. Simunition is the leading provider of training equipment for law enforcement and the military, but can civilians buy Simunition products?

Simunition does not sell its products to the public. Simunition is only available to law enforcement organizations, the military, and certified firearms instructors. Instructors must complete a comprehensive training program to receive authorization to purchase Simunition ammunition and equipment.

What Is Simunition?

Simunition is a type of training ammunition used by law enforcement and military personnel for realistic training exercises. The most popular Simunition product is the FX Marking Cartridge.

Marking cartridges are available in different calibers. Each round includes a water-soluble colored marking compound. As with a paintball, the ammunition leaves a mark on the target.

Simunition and other types of training ammunition also retain many characteristics of regular ammunition. Weapons still produce the same recoil. The noise is also comparable to a standard round. 

The rounds are designed to be nonlethal and can be fired through standard firearms. However, a conversion kit is used to ensure safe training. The tool-free conversion kits prevent the chambering of standard ammunition.

The kits are also available for most types of firearms, including:

  • Pistols
  • Machine guns
  • Submachine guns
  • Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Revolvers
  • Non-lethal grenade launchers

The FX marking cartridges are part of the FX Training System, which also includes personal protective equipment (PPE) and training courses. The courses are led by certified firearms instructors who have been approved by Simunition.

Is it Illegal to Own Simunition?

Federal and state laws in the USA do not prohibit citizens from owning Simunition. The company chooses not to sell directly to civilians. For decades, Simunition and UTM only sold products to law enforcement organizations and the military. Both companies now offer civilian training, but the ammunition is not available for individual purchase.

Individuals who come into possession of Simunition ammunition and other equipment may attempt to resell it at surplus stores, gun shops, and online marketplaces. Simunition is not intended for resale and may be outdated or damaged when purchased.

Where to Buy Simunition?

Simunition is available from authorized distributors throughout the world. However, distributors are only permitted to sell Simunition products to qualified organizations and instructors. Purchasing Simunition products typically involves speaking with an agent that works for the distributor. The agent provides the purchaser with a quote, verifies their qualifications, and fulfills their order.

Simunition ammunition is used for the FX Training System. Training courses are available for law enforcement, military, and civilians. Law-abiding citizens can search for civilian training courses in their area. Training ammunition is used for the course and supplied by the instructors, which means that civilians are still prohibited from purchasing Simunition for personal use.

Does UTM Sell to Civilians?

Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) does not sell its products directly to civilians. As with Simunition, UTM requires civilian instructors to complete a certification course and application process. Approved instructors can purchase UTM rounds and other equipment to provide their clients with more realistic training.

What’s the Difference Between Blanks and Simunition?

A blank is a cartridge that produces a flash and a sound but does not contain a projectile. A small amount of gunpowder is sealed with plastic wadding into the cartridge. It still includes primer and a powder charge to produce the effects of a muzzle blast.

Unlike a blank cartridge, a Simunition round includes a projectile. The projectile is filled with a marking compound to leave a mark on the target. The projectile breaks upon impact but can still hit with enough force to cause pain.

Along with Simunition FX cartridges, the company produces a type of blanks called “Securiblank” cartridges. As with the FX cartridges, the Securiblank cartridges require the use of a conversion kit. The blanks produce less pressure and noise compared to the FX marking cartridges.

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Does Simunition Ammunition Hurt?

Many people describe getting hit with Simunition ammunition as mildly painful. The impact has been compared to getting hit with a paintball. However, some people believe that Simunition hits with a little more force and is more likely to leave a bruise.

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