Alenia Aermacchi SF-260 is an Italian military trainer aircraft that was in service from 1983 to 2006. It has a two-person tandem cockpit and side-by-side configuration. The Alenia Aermacchi SF-260 can be used for both primary flight training as well as introductory flying courses, with a maximum load of 1120kg (2450lb).

Alenia Aermacchi
1964 to: Present
US$1.6 million
Collins TDR-9 transponder, Collins 20B VHF comm, Collins PN-101 compass.
1x 1 X Textron Lycoming O-540
260 horsepower
Max Cruise Speed:
178 knots
330 Km/h
Approach Speed (Vref):
74 knots
Travel range:
1,170 Nautical Miles
2,167 Kilometers
Fuel Economy:
31.87 nautical mile / gallon
15.592 kilometres / litre
Service Ceiling:
20,000 feet
Rate of Climb:
1791 feet / minute
9.10metre / second
Take Off Distance:
84 metre - 275.59 feet
Landing Distance:
82 metre - 269.03 feet
Max Take Off Weight:
1,300 Kg
2,866 lbs
Max Landing Weight:
Max Payload:
157 Kg
346 lbs
Fuel Tank Capacity:
62 gallon
235 litre
Baggage Volume:
Seats - Economy / General:
3 seats
Seats - Business Class:
Seats - First Class:
Cabin Height:
Cabin Width:
Cabin Length:
Exterior Length:
7 metre - 22.97 feet
Tail height:
2.6 metre - 8.53 feet
Fuselage Diameter:
Wing Span / Rotor Diameter:
8.35 metre - 27.39 feet
Wing Tips:
No Winglets

The Alenia Aermacchi SF-260 is a light military aircraft that first flew in 1971. The Italian company, Alenia Aeronautica began development of the aircraft in 1962, and it was designed to be used as an advanced jet trainer for pilots learning how to fly jets. It has also been used by air forces, mainly for counter-insurgency operations. There are two variants of this plane: one with a single engine and another with twin engines.

The Alenia Aermacchi SF-260 has not been manufactured since 1992, but there are still many being flown today as trainers or military planes all over the world. This blog post will discuss the specifications and history of this airplane!

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