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Visiting Skywalker Ranch

Skywalker Ranch’s mysterious nature has caused some people to question its existence. Perhaps people question the Skywalker Ranch’s existence because it is hard to access, but make no mistake, the Skywalker Ranch, its vineyards, its observatory, and its sound production studio are real.

Skywalker Ranch is closed to the public. There are still some ways to get into Skywalker Ranch. These include: getting an invitation, joining the Skywalker Ranch Wine Club, hosting a corporate retreat, or working on sound design for a film or music album. Skywalker Ranch guests can enjoy a diverse range of facilities.

Is Skywalker Ranch Open To The Public?

Contrary to what some Star Wars fans believe, Skywalker Ranch does not work like a standard museum where anyone can just buy a ticket and enter. Unfortunately for the Star Wars fandom, the Skywalker Ranch does not offer tours and is not open to the public. 

Although there are still several ways for people to access at least some parts of the ranch, they will have to consider withdrawing some cash from their savings account. Either that or you could befriend someone that works at the ranch to get an invitation.

skywalker ranch lake ewok
Mike McCune Skywalker Ranch lake ewok

There are only two ways to visit the Skywalker ranch. The first entails joining the Skywalker Vineyard Wine Club, which gives you access to some parts of the ranch but not all. The second option, which involves spending more money, is to host a corporate retreat.

You Can Visit The Ranch As A Skywalker Wine Club Member

Joining the Skywalker Wine Club is probably the easiest and cheapest way for Star Wars fans and wine enthusiasts to access the ranch. Luckily, there is no exclusivity regarding being a member of this club, so anyone is allowed to join as long as they pay. 

You are not required to be a wine enthusiast to join, either. Some Star Wars fans who do not care for wine have joined the club purely to access some of Skywalker Ranch’s facilities.

As a Skywalker Wine Club member, you get invited to tour the Skywalker Vineyard’s buildings, vineyards, and some of the ranch’s facilities. However, fans of Lucasfilm should know that being a member of the wine club does not give you access to Skywalker Sound studios or the observatory.

Visit The Skywalker Ranch By Hosting A Corporate Retreat

Another option for gaining access to the Skywalker Ranch involves organizing a corporate retreat. The Skywalker ranch is equipped with various facilities that can accommodate business owners and their employees for corporate events.

The cost of hosting a corporate retreat at the Skywalker ranch is not publicly known, so people interested must contact the ranch by filling in a form. What is known is that this way of getting into the Skywalker Ranch is far from being a cheap option.

However, you can be sure that organizing a corporate retreat will cost you much more than joining the wine club, but it does allow you to spend that night at the ranch and enjoy several of its facilities.

Can You Stay The Night At Skywalker Ranch?

For those lucky enough to get an invitation, to be part of a business that organizes a retreat at Skywalker ranch, or to be a business owner that can afford to host a corporate retreat, they can stay in one of the many accommodations that Skywalker Ranch offers. 

The ranch has various accommodations, such as a motel, a bed and breakfast, cabins, and guest suites. The bed and breakfast has numerous rooms named after some of George Lucas’s favorite and most admired entertainers, like George Gershwin and Dorothy Parker.

People who stay on the ranch for extended periods work on major film projects using the Skywalker Sound studios and theater for sound design. 

How Is The Bed And Breakfast Experience At Skywalker Ranch?

Judging from the pictures available online, a bed and breakfast experience at Skywalker Ranch seems unforgettable for the lucky people who live it.

As a guest at Skywalker Ranch, you gain access to several facilities such as the Fitness Center, which has top-of-the-line exercise equipment, a big 75′ x 25′ swimming pool, a handball, a volleyball, a racquetball, a basketball court, in addition to an aerobics room.

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Guests can also visit the General Store to shop for souvenirs and locally made products like olive oil, honey, clothing and the Skywalker Ranch wine. George Lucas fans will also be delighted to know that they can tour George Lucas’s art gallery and memorabilia.

What is Skywalker Ranch Used For?

Initially, George Lucas thought of The Skywalker Ranch as a place for like-minded filmmakers to come and conceptualize their film projects. Thus, the ranch’s facilities were designed to house the creative, executive, and technical needs of Lucasfilm.

skywalker ranch main house
Mike McCune Skywalker Ranch main house

The ranch retained its production facilities as years went by but expanded into something more diverse. It now has Skywalker vineyards, an observatory, a research library, a fire brigade, Wagyu cattle on top of the Skywalker Sound recording studio and the Summit (the General Store and George Lucas’s art gallery). 

In reality, the ranch is still mainly known for its sound production facilities but has evolved into a place that is no longer just for filmmakers. Guests of Skywalker Ranch can use the David Lean Theater, tour art galleries, and even enjoy a spa treatment. 

You Can Take A Hike To See Skywalker Ranch From Above

Those who are not willing to spend money but are desperate to see the ranch can walk the Big Rock hiking trail, where you can get a good view of the ranch from above. This trail eventually takes you to Marin country’s second-highest peak.

If you are unwilling to break a sweat, you can still drive to the ranch and view it from outside its gates. You can still see a good portion of the ranch from outside the gates.

Where Is Skywalker Ranch?

Skywalker Ranch is located in California, about a forty-minute drive north of San Francisco. The nearest city is Novato. 

Interestingly, the ranch is on Lucas Valley Road but is not named after the acclaimed filmmaker but a previous landowner.

Does George Lucas Live At Skywalker Ranch?

Contrary to popular belief, the Star Wars creator does not live on the Skywalker Ranch. The ranch was not designed to be George Lucas’s private residence but instead as a place for film production personnel to work on big projects in a relaxed and calm environment. 

The famous filmmaker does have an office in the ranch’s main building, and there is even a rumor that a secret door joins his office and the two-story library.

Nowadays, George Lucas owns many properties across the country, so it is difficult to say where his permanent residence lies.

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