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Do Airlines Allow Breast Milk? (through TSA)

Can you travel with breast milk on a plane? Traveling moms may have several concerns about breastfeeding, pumping, and traveling with breast milk. In addition to having a lot more baggage, you may also wonder if you can travel with breast milk on a plane.

Most airlines allow breast milk on a plane. Breast milk, formula milk, and juice aren’t subject to the same rules as other liquids when flying. Furthermore, you can bring a breast pump on a plane or pump or breastfeed during a flight. There isn’t a set rule saying if you can bring an extra bag for a breast pump.

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Can You Travel With Breast Milk On A Plane?

Breast milk is considered a medical supply. Therefore, most airlines allow passengers to travel with breast milk. In this case, the breast milk, formula, or juice (for an infant) isn’t subject to the same rules as other liquids. Therefore, you can bring more than the usual 3.4 ounces of breast milk on a plane.

It is recommended that you bring the breast milk in clear milk bottles to expedite the security screening process. In some cases, the milk may be subject to additional security checks. However, if you place the breast milk and formula in a separate bin while going through security, it will rarely be needed.

You also don’t need to have your child with you to travel with breast milk. For example, if you have been on a trip and are returning with pumped breast milk, you can bring it on the plane without having your baby with you.

Can You Bring Breast Pumps On A Plane?

In addition to traveling with breast milk, you can bring a breast pump on the plane. A breast pump is also considered a necessary medical supply. So you shouldn’t have trouble bringing one through airport security or onto a plane.

It isn’t clear whether you are allowed an extra bag for carrying a breast pump, so you must clarify this with your airline before flying. Bring travel breast pumps to save space and make it easier to pump milk while on the plane.

How Do You Travel With Breast Milk?

Because you need to keep breast milk cold or frozen for the flight, you must bring the breast milk in a cooler bag with ice bricks or gel packs. Although the breast milk isn’t subject to the 3-1-1 rule of traveling with liquids, the gel packs or ice bricks are.

Therefore, you must ensure that all your cooling agents are frozen rock solid when going through airport security, or they may be confiscated. Freezing your breast milk in advance will also help it keep cold while flying. Furthermore, opt for longer-lasting ice bricks to ensure they stay frozen during the flight.

Can You Breastfeed On A Plane?

When traveling with your baby, you may prefer to save the breast milk or formula for a later time and breastfeed on the plane instead. Fortunately, most airlines have no problems with mothers breastfeeding on the flight and will try to make them as comfortable as possible.

Suppose other passengers feel uncomfortable with the breastfeeding mother. In that case, the airline crew will move that passenger to another seat, as it is every woman’s right to breastfeed her child when needed. You don’t have to cover up while breastfeeding. However, bring a blanket if it will make you more comfortable.

Can You Pump Breast Milk On A Plane?

The rules for pumping breast milk are the same as those for breastfeeding on a plane. You can therefore feel free to pump breastmilk during a flight. You don’t have to cover up, but feel free to do so if it makes you more comfortable. You may also ask the flight attendants for assistance if need be.

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