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Can Civilians Buy Gas On Base?

Buying gas on base seems to be more complicated than it should be. There have also been reports of members of the public and civilians buying gas from the BX service station. In light of this, there have been several questions related to the topic, and many wonder if civilians are permitted to buy gas on base or if this service is restricted to military personnel only.

Civilians cannot buy gas on base. Only active military personnel, honorable discharge veterans, DoD civilians, Red Cross employees stationed on the base, and the families of these personnel are permitted to buy gas on the base. A valid military ID is required to buy gas on base.

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Can Civilians Buy Gas On Base?

Buying gas from the service station on the base is restricted to military personnel only. The BX gas station on the base requires a military ID to purchase gasoline from the station, and anyone who does not have such an ID is not permitted to buy gas.

A special concession may be made by the base commander in certain situations, such as when special civilians are staying on the base for military purposes. In this case, the base commander can provide permission for the civilian to buy gas.

No other circumstances permit standard, non-military civilians to buy gas on base.

Can All Military Personnel Buy Gas On Base?

All military personnel is permitted to buy gas on base, provided they present their active and valid military ID. Anyone buying gas from the service station on the base without a military ID will be turned away.

Some base service stations will not permit military personnel to buy gas for a vehicle that has any branding on them other than official military branding and logos.

No special concession must be made for military personnel with a valid military ID to buy gas on base, and they are free to do so at any time during the operating hours of the service station, which can be viewed on the official individual base website under ‘Base Exchange Facilities.’

u.s. army garrison humphreys aafes gas station
U.S. Army U.S. Army garrison Humphreys AAFES gas station

Can Veterans Buy Gas On Base?

Military veterans with an honorable discharge are permitted to buy gas on base. From 2017 all veterans were permitted to shop online from the online BX, but as of 2020, all veterans with an honorary discharge are permitted to access the base and make use of its facilities.

Valid ID must be presented to buy gas on base, and the service station can only be accessed during its operating hours, but this activity is permitted for veterans.

Can Family Members Of Military Personnel Buy Gas On Base?

Family members of active military personnel can buy gas on base provided proper identification can be varied.

The family of U.S Government civilian employees, full-time paid staff of the Red Cross stationed on the base, Armed Forces Exchange employees, and DoD civilian employees are permitted to use the BX and, therefore, the BX service station.

Proper identification must be presented before purchasing the gasoline, but these family members can buy gas on base.

Family members of veterans can also buy gas on base, as of the 2020 rule change, provided they present valid ID. These family members gain access to the BX commissary and service station as a result of the expanded shopping privileges supplied to veterans with an honorable discharge.

autoport gas station yokohama japan
Masayuki (Yuki) Kawagishi Military members can fill it up here at lower costs than off-base. Yokohama, Japan.

Can Contractors Buy Gas On Base?

Military bases often make use of outside contractors, and there is some informal debate as to whether or not this personnel can buy gas from the base service station.

Contractors cannot buy gas from the service station, as per an on-base report. Contractors that are employed by the base are not considered military personnel, do not have a military ID, and are therefore unable to purchase gasoline from the base.

These contractors are valuable and important to the base, but they are not afforded military personnel privileges.

Can DoD Civilians Buy Gas On Base?

Department of Defense civilians are permitted to buy gas on base if they are stationed outside of the United States. These civilians are still required to present valid ID to purchase gas on base.

Standard on installation Department of Defense personnel is permitted to buy gasoline on base for government-authorized vehicles for official business only.

Why can Civilians Not Buy Gas On Base?

Civilians are not recipients of military privileges, and military installations and bases are strict military facilities.

Only military personnel and their families are permitted to use the facilities of a military base. Any person with no need to be on base is not permitted onto the premises, and any service station that is accessible to the public is not permitted to service civilian vehicles by law.

A military ID or official documentation is required to use any facilities on the base, including buying fuel. This is true for all military bases and is a rule that is never ignored.

How Much Gas Can You Buy On Base?

The amount of gasoline permitted to be sold to an individual on base is determined by the status of that person.

Military personnel can buy as much gas as needed, but those who are considered to be civilians installed at the base may only be permitted to buy small amounts of gasoline under special authority.

Can Gas Be Bought On Base At Any Time?

The Base Exchange service station is subject to operating hours. Every base has different operating hours that are posted on the internal base website.

Most base exchange service stations are not operational on Sundays and are typically only open for around twelve hours per day and for a limited time on Saturdays.

Any person with a valid military ID or official ID and documentation that permits them to do so can purchase gas from the base exchange service station during these hours.

Are Civilians Ever Allowed To Buy Gas On Base?

The only circumstance that permits a civilian to buy gas on base is if special permission is granted by the base commander.

This is usually reserved for special personnel that are in the service of the military but are not considered to be active military.

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