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Do Airlines Add Flights When Sold Out?

When a flight is completely booked ahead of the departure date, travelers may hope for additional flights to get added. Instead of anticipating the airline to add extra flights closer to departure date, travelers may want to consider booking a flight on an alternative date or with another airline.

TLDR – Airlines may add flights to domestic or international routes when they expect additional demand or after flight cancellations due to weather. However, airlines often add flights months in advance, as any change in flights or routes involves significant logistical and regulatory challenges.

Do Airlines Add Flights Closer to the Travel Date?

Airlines may add flights for a specific travel date or busy periods such as Christmas. For example, an airline may start flying three flights per day on an existing route instead of two flights. However, these decisions are often implemented months before the travel date.

Adding a flight is a complex process that requires airlines to obtain approval from the airport, as each airport can only accommodate a limited number of planes on any given day. Airlines also need to supply the necessary crew for the flight and deal with any regulatory requirements.

The process becomes more of a challenge with international flights, as international airports and different countries have individual requirements for airlines. 

For example, the civil aviation authority in each country tends to set specific limits on routes for international travel. Due to the logistics of dealing with international codes and regulations, it often takes years for airlines to open routes between countries. 

The bottom line is that adding a flight is rarely a last-minute decision. Airlines carefully analyze the potential profit of adding a flight or modifying an existing route. They evaluate the demand for additional seats on a route, the logistics of adding the flight, and the costs involved. 

Airlines often rely on computer software to analyze the profit of a potential flight. If the software determines that the flight may not be profitable, the airline is unlikely to add it. 

How Far in Advance Can You Book an Airline Flight?

While the best time to book a flight is about 70 days before the departure date, most airlines post flights many months in advance. 

Airline flights and routes are carefully planned with the use of advanced computer software. Airlines also arrange routes with airports and coordinate with other airline operators. 

Due to the work involved in setting flights, tickets often become available up to 11 months before the departure date. However, each airline has individual policies. American Airlines and Delta Airlines allow passengers to book flights up to 331 days early while Allegiant Airlines accepts reservations just four to nine months early.

What Happens If I Book a Flight and the Airline Goes Bust?

In the past several years, many small airlines have filed for bankruptcy and gone out of business, leaving thousands of travelers with worthless tickets. When an airline shuts down, passengers who have already purchased tickets may receive a refund. 

The ability of an airline to refund tickets depends on the availability of funds. As the airline is going out of business, it may not be able to refund every ticket purchased. 

If an airline cannot refund the money, the traveler may be able to request a chargeback. A chargeback is requested through the traveler’s financial institution or credit card company. However, chargebacks are often only available for purchases made within the last 60 days.

When refunds and chargebacks are not available, a traveler may receive compensation through a travel insurance claim. Travelers should check the terms and conditions of their travel insurance to determine whether it covers airline insolvency.

Travel agents recommend that travelers always purchase travel insurance to protect against these types of issues. Travelers should also have a backup plan, including alternate airlines to consider using if their first option goes out of business.

How Many Flights Are There Per Day in the United States?

The average daily flights handled by the FAA is about 45,000 flights. Each year, the FAA handles about 16,405,000 flights with over 10,000,000 passengers. 

Close to three million passengers fly in and out of US airports each day. At peak operational times, there are 5,400 aircraft in the sky. About 520 air traffic control towers monitor 5,300,000 square miles of domestic airspace in the United States.

How Many Flights a Day Do Flight Attendants Fly on?

Flight attendants may fly on one to eight flights in a single day. Most flight attendants are part of worker unions, requiring airlines to follow union agreements when setting schedules and shifts for airline crew.

In most cases, a flight attendant can fly up to 12 hours per day. They may fly between 65 and 85 hours in a single month. They also have about 35 to 50 hours of duty time between flights.

Flight attendants also tend to work irregular schedules. Instead of working five-day weeks, they may work several days in a row and have several days off. The average flight attendant works about 12 to 18 days in a calendar month.

What Is the Largest Airline in the World?

The size of airline operations is often measured based on the number of routes and total passengers carried. Based on these factors, Ryanair is one of the largest airlines.

Ryanair has over 1,830 routes across the globe and carried over 152 million passengers in 2019. American Airlines operates 1,106 routes while United Airlines has 950 routes. 

Based on passenger count, American Airlines is the largest, carrying over 215 million passengers in 2019. United Airlines and Southwest Airlines each carried over 162 million passengers during the same year. However, based on revenue, Delta Airlines is the largest airline in the world.

Delta Airlines has an estimated revenue of $44.9 billion. American Airlines Group follows closely behind, with revenue of $44.5 billion. Lufthansa, the German airline, has yearly revenue of about $42.3 billion.

Outside of the United States and Europe, the largest airline is currently China Southern Airlines, with over 151 million passengers carried in 2019 and yearly revenue of $21.7 billion.

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