The Socata TBM 700 is a twin-engine, turboprop aircraft with an excellent safety record. The successor to the popular TBM 600 which has been in production since 1991, the new TBM 700 offers customers increased performance and comfort levels while maintaining many of the same features that made its predecessor so successful.

1990 to: Present
US$2.5 million
Garmin GNS 530 navigation/communication systems,
1x 1 X Pratt & Whitney PT6A-64
700 horsepower
Max Cruise Speed:
300 knots
556 Km/h
Approach Speed (Vref):
80 knots
Travel range:
1,305 Nautical Miles
2,417 Kilometers
Fuel Economy:
13.08 nautical mile / gallon
6.399 kilometres / litre
Service Ceiling:
31,000 feet
Rate of Climb:
2300 feet / minute
11.68metre / second
Take Off Distance:
650 metre - 2,132.52 feet
Landing Distance:
500 metre - 1,640.40 feet
Max Take Off Weight:
3,354 Kg
7,394 lbs
Max Landing Weight:
3,186 Kg
7,024 lbs
Max Payload:
610 Kg
1,345 lbs
Fuel Tank Capacity:
55 gallon
208 litre
Baggage Volume:
3.5 m3 / 124 ft3
Seats - Economy / General:
5 seats
Seats - Business Class:
Seats - First Class:
Cabin Height:
1.2 metre - 3.94 feet
Cabin Width:
1.2 metre - 3.94 feet
Cabin Length:
4.5 metre - 14.76 feet
Exterior Length:
10.64 metre - 34.91 feet
Tail height:
4.36 metre - 14.30 feet
Fuselage Diameter:
1.5 metre - 4.92 feet
Wing Span / Rotor Diameter:
12.67 metre - 41.57 feet
Wing Tips:
No Winglets

The EADS Socata TBM 700 is a turboprop aircraft that has been in production since 2009. It is the first new plane design for the company since 1973, and was designed by an international team of engineers. The plane’s features include a large cabin area, pressurized cockpit with room for up to four people and two crew members, and advanced avionics including autopilot and GPS navigation systems.

The TBM 700 made its maiden flight on November 16th, 2014. As of August 2015, it has received FAA certification.

The TBM 700 was designed with the idea that a pilot does not need to undergo rigorous training before being able to fly it effectively. By reducing the pilot’s workload during flight and offering assistance through onboard computers, the TBM 700 allows pilots to focus more on navigating or communicating with other planes. The plane’s computerized design also makes it easier for less experienced pilots, since it can be flown using autopilot and has an automated electric trim system that sets the plane at a 15 degree angle for takeoff.

The TBM 700 is highly customizable to each person’s needs, and can be fitted with a ballistic parachute for emergency situations. It also comes equipped with Sperry Flightmax 1200X auto-thrust propellers that make landing and takeoff more effective.

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