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Do Airlines Allow Inflatable or Hammock Footrests

While flying has numerous advantages, it might also require someone to be stationary for an extended period of time. It is important to keep the feet and legs comfortable. This can be done with an inflatable footrest; however, are these allowed?

Do Airlines Allow Inflatable Footrests?

The short answer is that “it depends.” Most airlines do allow inflatable footrests on the plane; however, they cannot be used during takeoff or landing.

They also cannot obstruct the aisle or walkway, meaning that they cannot be too big. With this in mind, inflatable footrests can still be helpful and can make a flight much more comfortable.

Why are Inflatable Footrests Helpful on Planes?

There are a number of reasons why inflatable footrests can be helpful on planes, particularly in the economy section. The economy area of the plane is not exactly known for its space and comfort.

There are lots of people who have foot issues, leg problems, and chronic lower back pain. Sitting in economy can make all of these problems worse.

If someone’s feet and legs are uncomfortable because they are tight, cramped, or stuck, this can become a serious issue during a long plane flight.

This can result in poor circulation, leading to discomfort, numbness, tingling, and more in the rest of the body.

inflatable foot rest
Editorial Team inflatable foot rest

This is where an inflatable footrest can be helpful. These footrests can allow someone to reposition the feet and legs while also making them more comfortable.

This can alleviate pressure on the bottom and sides of the feet while also restoring circulation throughout the legs and lower body. This is going to make the back feel more comfortable, making the rest of the flight easier.

With this in mind, there are different types of footrests that everyone should consider.

What are the Types of Footrests for Airplanes?

There are a few different types of footrests available that can make a flight easier.

1. Hammock Footrest

One type that people will see is called the hammock footrest. This is a hammock that has been designed for the feet.

The hammock is hung using adjustable straps that can be clipped around the tray table. Then, there is a piece of cushion that has been made out of memory foam that can serve as a divider for the feet.

While the exact design of this footrest will vary from brand to brand, this is the typical construction. This hammock allows people to rest their feet in a comfortable position and the adjustable straps can be tailored to meet the needs of the user.

2. Inflatable Footrest

The other type is a literal inflatable footrest. This footrest often reminds people of a mini air mattress.

Many of these inflatable footrests come with various compartments. Each compartment can be inflated (or deflated) separately.

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This means the user can inflate the footrest to his or her desired height. This is typically bigger than the footrest hammock; however, it also provides more control and versatility.

For those wondering how they can inflate this footrest during the flight, consider using the air conditioner vent. 

Keep in mind that both of these options may need to be removed during takeoff and landing.

Also, with the inflatable footrest, remember that if the person in front of the seat reclines, it might be harder to get the inflatable footrest in position.

Furthermore, if someone has a bulkhead seat, they might not have a tray table off of which to hang the foot hammock.

Inflatable Airplane Seat Extenders for Children

No products found.

When parents get on the plane, they are often wondering how they can make the parenting experience easier when young children are involved.

There are a few tricks that parents can keep in mind and one of them is to travel with something called an airplane seat extender. These have also been called comfort devices or bed boxes.

These are helpful because they can turn an economy seat on the plane into a lie-flat bed for children that is typically only seen in the upper classes.

These airplane seat extenders typically sit on the floor in front of the seat and provide added support for the small legs of a child.

Are Inflatable Seat Extenders Allowed?

In general, the final decision as to whether or not these seat extenders are allowed on the plane will be left up to the crew.

Once someone arrives on the plane, he or she might have a better chance of convincing the crew the item is okay once the child steps onboard.

inflatable foot rests
Editorial Team inflatable foot rests

At the same time, it can be helpful to call the airline in advance and ask about their policies. For flights that are long, such as international or overseas flights, these products are going to be worth it.

Furthermore, international carriers and crews might look more favorably on these products. Most people do not want to deal with an irritated or crying child for ten hours or more.

What is the Best Inflatable Footrest?

Once someone decides to invest in an inflatable footrest, they want to find the best one. Of course, what is right for one person might not be right for someone else.

With this in mind, there are a few factors to consider. One of the first factors to keep in mind is how easy the footrest will be to inflate. When someone gets on a plane, they aren’t going to have a power outlet into which they can plug an inflator.

It might also be hard to summon the lung capacity to pump up an inflatable footrest in a pressurized cabin. Therefore, make sure the footrest is easy to inflate.

Then, consider the height of the inflatable footrest. The top footrests are going to have multiple compartments that allow someone to adjust the height of the footrest. This is one of the keys to comfort in economy.

Furthermore, many people use footrests because they have circulation issues. Many people end up with back pain and leg pain on planes because of circulation issues.

Some footrests are able to improve the circulation in the legs by stretching them out just a little bit more. This can go a long way when it comes to comfort.

Finally, the footrest should be easy to pack. Space is valuable when it comes to traveling. The footrest should be small enough to pack easily in small carry-ons. These are a few of the factors people need to consider when they are looking for an inflatable footrest.

How Can I Stay Comfortable on a Plane?

An inflatable footrest is only one of the ways someone can stay comfortable on a plane. In addition to the footrest, it is important to think about shoes.

When flying, try to avoid high heels and heavy boots. These can apply extreme amounts of pressure to certain parts of the feet, leading to foot pain.

It is also important to dress with a plan in mind. Layers are always recommended because these can be taken off and put back in with ease. This will help people stay at a comfortable temperature.

Finally, be sure to bring snacks. Hunger can make the entire body feel uncomfortable and airplane snacks are few and far between. Bring a handful of snacks on during the flight.

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