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Can Helicopters (Legally) Land Anywhere They Want?

If you take a flight in a helicopter, you’ll be surprised by how easy it is for them to get around, and it seems like they can fly just about anywhere and to any location. But is this really the case? Can helicopters truly fly and land anywhere they want to? If you own a helicopters can you just land it in your backyard and fly anywhere you want? Let’s answer some of these questions today.

Can Helicopters Land Anywhere?

With few exceptions, helicopters can land their aircraft just about anywhere they want to. There are some FAA restrictions, of course, and you’ll have to check any state or local restrictions as well, but as a general rule, helicopters are allowed to land almost anywhere.

Landing a Helicopter in a Residential Area

If you pilot a helicopter and wish to land somewhere in a residential area, you have to make sure you get the permission of the homeowner or business owner whose spot you’ll be landing on. You also have to check for any local or state ordinances so you don’t get in trouble.

Helicopter Landing Pad
Editorial Team Helicopter Landing Pad

If you’re wondering, can helicopters land in residential areas? the answer is usually “yes,” as long as no ordinances or laws are broken. Helicopters are not under the same rules as airplanes are, which have to fly a minimum of 1,000 feet above congested areas and 500 feet everywhere else.

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Let’s face it, unlike airplanes, helicopters fly near large structures all the time, thanks to the fact that they are smaller and more maneuverable than most planes. The main concern the FAA has is to make sure the pilot is operating the helicopter safely and without danger to persons or structures.

Therefore, as long as the flight is taking place legally and safely, landing a helicopter in a residential area is never a problem.

Can Helicopters Land in Parking Lots

Most businesses have parking lots for their customers, and if you’re wondering, can helicopters land in parking lots? the answer is a little different than landing in residential areas. For the most part, landing a helicopter in a parking lot is prohibited except in the case of an emergency.

Emergency Helicopter and Ambulance Germany
Editorial Team Emergency Helicopter and Ambulance Germany

When landing in a parking lot, you must have the owner’s permission ahead of time, and the reasons why are obvious. Landing in a parking lot can cause damages to nearby windshields and light posts, so even if a pilot has permission to land there, he or she should have the expertise to do so safely.

If not, that pilot can count on the landing being expensive, because paying for light posts and windshields is not something that only costs a little bit of money. In true emergencies where permission ahead of time is not possible, you can land in a parking lot if you have no other options available.

Can Helicopters Land On Water

Can helicopters land in water? This is an important question because it is often necessary for helicopters to do just that. For the most part, a helicopter can land on the water safely. However, most of them cannot stay on top of the water for long periods of time without the proper equipment.

An HH-3F Pelican helicopter of the United States Coast Guard lands on the water
Editorial Team An HH-3F Pelican helicopter of the United States Coast Guard lands on the water

Many helicopters have to have floats or a buoyant sealed hull to land safely on the water. In addition, many of them are too top-heavy to shut down completely and then restart while in the water. Many military helicopters are specifically designed to land on water, making it very easy to do.

The CH-47 Chinook, for example, is nicknamed The Boat for its ability to land on water, but even this copter is unable to restart in the water because instead it would simply roll over due to the torque forces on the rotor system.

CH-47 Chinook Water Landing
Editorial Team CH-47 Chinook Water Landing

Can Helicopters Land At Airports

If you’ve ever wondered, can helicopters land at an airport? the answer is a very simple “yes.” Copters do, however, have to abide by the same rules and restrictions as fixed-wing aircraft, that is, airplanes do. After all, helicopters need a smaller area to land than airplanes do, and airports provide that to them.

Editorial Team

Many airports have different rules for helicopters than they do for airplanes, and some airports – Heathrow in London comes to mind – restrict them. For the most part, though, whether you have to go by the same requirements as an airplane does or not, landing in most airports is not a problem.

If you do decide to land a helicopter in an airport, it is good to know that you don’t have to land on a helipad and can even land on the runway if you like. The main requirement is that you land safely so as to not endanger your passengers or those on the ground.

News helicopter lands at grass airfield
Editorial Team News helicopter lands at grass airfield

So in summary, as long as a helicopter has the permission of the owner, has enough space to land the copter, and obeys all local laws and restrictions, it can land nearly anywhere it wants to land. Most helicopter pilots are specifically trained to land in a variety of spaces, including those listed above.

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