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Can Civilians Wear Grunt Style?

Grunt Style is an American clothing company launched by a former Army drill sergeant. The clothes produced by Grunt Style are known for featuring patriotic, and sometimes intentionally shocking, designs. While the clothes were made for veterans, civilians may want to know if they can wear grunt style.

Civilians can wear Grunt Style clothing. Wearing Grunt Style T-shirts and hoodies allows civilians to show their patriotism and support for the troops. However, wearing Grunt Style clothing to pass as a veteran is disrespectful and potentially illegal.

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Is it Okay for Civilians to Wear Grunt Style?

Grunt Style clothing is made with veterans in mind. However, according to the company, “You don’t have to be a veteran to wear Grunt Style, but you do have to love freedom, bacon, and whiskey.”

Grunt Style produces a wide range of apparel for men, women, and children. The company specializes in producing graphic T-shirts with patriotic imagery and military references. Civilians can wear Grunt Style clothing, but some of the designs may lead others to assume that the wearer is a veteran.

Creating the assumption that the wearer served in the military is considered disrespectful. Using the same assumption for personal gain may also qualify as an act of stolen valor, which is illegal.

Yet, Grunt Style also produces many designs that are simply patriotic and intended for any American, including children. Grunt Style has even become part of a popular trend in fashion called “warcore.” Warcore clothing includes military-influenced fashion, often with images or slogans that contain inside jokes for veterans.

Grunt Style Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Grunt Style Grunt Style – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot tee

Where to Buy Grunt Style?

Grunt Style clothing is available on the company’s website and many third-party online retailers, such as Amazon and Walmart. Grunt Style also maintains several brick-and-mortar stores in major cities throughout the USA.

Is Grunt Style Made in the USA?

The company states that some shirts are 100% made in the USA and some are made overseas. The shirts made in America use 100% American-grown cotton. However, the company also sources some material from overseas.

All shirts are assembled in the USA. The designs, printing, and packaging are handled out of the company’s facilities in Chicago and San Antonio.

Does Grunt Style Employ Veterans?

Grunt Style was founded by a veteran and claims to be committed to supporting other veterans. The company currently maintains a veteran employment rate of over 20%.

Grunt Style employs close to 400 individuals. With a veteran employment rate of 20%, the company may employ about 80 veterans. The company also recently announced plans to open a new distribution center with a goal of hiring 70% veterans.

Where Is the Headquarters of Grunt Style?

The headquarters for Grunt Style is located on 900 Broadway in San Antonio, Texas. However, the company was originally based out of Chicago.

In 2018, the company began moving its employees to its new corporate headquarters in San Antonio. The company’s warehouse is still located in Carol Stream, Illinois, which is a short distance from Chicago.

Who Is the CEO of Grunt Style?

The current CEO of Grunt Style is Glenn Silbert. Silbert is a former executive at Vetta Brands and Under Armour. He joined Grunt Style in 2020 to replace founder/CEO Daniel Alarik.

Daniel Alarik founded Grunt Style in 2009 after experiencing success selling T-shirts out of his car. The company experienced steady growth throughout its early years and gained national exposure in the past few years. Alarik was ousted as CEO in February 2020.

What Is a Grunt in the Military?

A grunt is considered a low-ranking or unskilled soldier. It is a term often used to describe unranked infantrymen in the Army. The origin of the term “GRUNT” may go back to World War II. Infantry fighting in the trenches often experienced high casualty rates, forcing troops from the back to move quickly to the front. The story goes that these foot soldiers were labeled as “General Replacement Unit, Not Trained.”

The word “grunt” was also used for low-level workers as early as 1900. However, the term became more common during the Vietnam War. Grunts in the Vietnam War were soldiers of the lowest ranks and often required to complete the most tedious tasks. The grunts were also typically in the front lines and the first to encounter enemies in the field.

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